Hi Eric,
I was the landscaping committee board member and point of contact with Shannon at Blade Runners the past year. I just resigned my board position but I wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to work with BR and Shannon. It was a lot of work especially for the first year and Shannon helped us a lot to navigate all the variety of issues that came up. He was very responsive and I was surprised all the time the response time even on the weekend including Sunday from him.
It cannot be easy to work with a volunteer board of a small community but Shannon has always been patient and professional with us. Our common area had been neglected for a long time and we can already see a very positive difference one year with BR had made. Although it’s impossible to not encounter some complaints or unreasonable demands, many residents did express their gratitude for the work you all have done.
I hope HHATA can continue to maintain a good relationship with BR and continue to improve our neighborhood!
Thank You and have a great weekend!

Hi Shannon,

Once again, your crew did a great job getting the leaves picked up before today’s storm and rain…we dodged a bullet in our area with today’s storm.. Pease pass on our compliments to your crew members.

On another note, Brittney will be reaching out to discuss addressing three large bare areas (behind the back row of Montague Court, along the back row of Montana Court and an area adjacent to the sidewalk along the side of Montana Court and leading to Manchester Court.)  with no grass and which have become mud quagmires for ideas on how we can consider restoring the areas come spring time. 

Best wishes for the holiday.


We love our clients as well, and thank you for sending this nice note to us!



Although the… quote was not the lowest of the 5 proposals we received,  it was very competitive. At the end of the day, the long and co-operative association with Blade Runners- notably Terry Turner and you, along with the 3 year commitment, won out. 
I have sent via companion emails,  signed/initiated pages 1 & 5. of the contract.
Please acknowledge receipt and advise if this is sufficient.

Hi Andy,

I spoke with Pablo and Ernesto today about the area uphill from the new catch basins and biologs. As you can see from the photo below, that area has been seeded and strawed, with cones marking where the seed is. I requested that Blade Runners not mow down past the top catch basin (marked by the red cone in the middle of the photo) and that they avoid the narrow “wheelbarrow path” uphill from there on this visit and the next one. Pablo suggested that they use a hand mower, which I thought was a great idea.

I also reiterated the request not to remove leaves in the wooded area to help mitigate runoff there and to provide natural compost (he already knew about that). In addition we talked about some of the other areas that residents have complained about (he knew about almost all of them), and I agreed with his instructions not to mow areas that have no grass even if they’re marked on the map. I found it a reassuring conversation.  And the community already looks much better thanks to their visit 



**Do you know who to talk to when you have question on site about our work

We can help, we have an established line of communication.

 Start here and review the process to get your questions answered –


You have been amazing since our initial consultation. We appreciate your attention to detail, your creativity and expertise, and your dedication to making our project shine. Your constant communication throughout the entire process kept us at ease. Thank you sincerely for your professionalism and thoughtfulness.

Your team is fantastic! We have never witnessed such meticulous and steady progress in making all of this work look so effortless. Also, the final touches to the flower bed bricks blend the entire aesthetic and everything looks so polished. We absolutely love the end result and will continue to sing your praises. We contacted our board/landscaping committee to express our wonderfully positive experience with you and your team, and our neighbors have been inquiring about your services. (Best part…no one is cutting through our property anymore! 🙂

Thank you for providing such an attractive solution for us…that blue spruce is everything!

Lori & Heather



**Did you know that Blade Runners offers work to your individual home when you live within a Community we maintain? 

We sure do!   Do you live in a Blade Runners Maintained Community?

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Blade Runners Proactive Leaf Removal Information!

Leaf season is coming!!

Here are some quick tips to help you understand your Blade Runners Leaf Service.

Fall Mowing Service:

Mowing Service vs Fall Cleanup:  It is important that you differentiate a fall mowing service (A1 service listed in your contract) from a fall clean-up service (B3 service listed on your contract). Your fall cleanup is dependent on the number of leaf removal services in your agreement. We often hear concerns about leaf removal quality when we are performing a mowing service.  For example, during the non-leaf season, Blade Runners blows the outer curb of debris at each mowing visit. We suspend blowing these areas after the leaves accumulate in the outer curb because it moves the leaves around and isn’t picked up with this service.  These areas will be cleaned with your leaf service.

As part of the fall mowing services, we use Mulching Blades: During the early fall mowing visits we use specialized mulching blades to grind and reduce leaves in the turf. We do not pile and remove leaves on these visits.  This is a cost saver for you and is good for your soil.

Fall Leaf Removal Visits.

To help keep your property safe and reduce the possibility of damage, we do not blow or remove leaves obstructed by parked cars as it aggravates residents and creates damage claims.  The thought process is that over several visits these areas will be cleaned. If there are residual concerns at the end of December, we can schedule a specific day in January to have cars moved and these areas cleaned.

Please review our leaf video for details of the removal service

Leaf Removal Schedule:

The leaf removal schedule (B3 service in your contract) is dependent on the number of clean-ups in your agreement. Please see the schedule below

The clean-ups timeline depends on the number of visits you have in your contract and would follow this schedule:

1x Leaf Management = 12/1-12/31

2x Leaf Management = 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31

3x Leaf Management = 10/15-10/31, 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31

4x Leaf Management = 10/15-10/31, 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31, 1/1-1/25

5x Leaf Management = 10/1-10/15, 10/15-10/31, 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31, 1/1-1/25

6x Leaf Management =1 0/1-10/15, 10/15-10/31, 11/1-11/10, 11/10-11/30, 12/1/12/31, 1/1-1/25


At any point we are happy to enhance any service that is currently in your agreement to give you the service you desire.

We look forward to our continued relationship!


Shannon, BTW – your guys are super nice. I was chatting with a few working on my building when I got home. Wanted to be sure you had that feedback, though I’m sure you know.

While doing work, another Board Member emailed:

Your crew did their usual great work, looks very neat and nice!  I can’t imagine working that hard in this heat and humidity.

Thanks Shannon. …We had one other proposal that was comparable but chose to go with Blade Runners because of your team’s professionalism and the customer service we’ve received so far.


Another resident complimented the edging you guys are doing today. I know you guys do good job….
That one person who got off the no touch list probably due to the better job you guys are doing comparing to the old guys and his wife also mentioned in passing that you guys are doing a great job
Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend!
Thanks! KS

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