Hello Shannon, thank you so much for the tree pruning work that was done by your crew last week.  It’s wonderful to see some sunlight on ground beneath the cherry trees!  Big improvement for all the pruned trees. Your crew is amazing.  They worked so hard getting this projects done. They did a great job, we could not ask for better.  Also, they meticulously cleaned everything before they left. Thank you!!


I second that! Thank you so much! 


Blade Runners Approach: Posting Agronomic Signs

While this requirement for Associations (§ 55-510.3 )may produce added expense for the association it really is a good idea.  This effective communication to your residents, communicates service dates, the QR Code provides and takes residents instantly to the Blade Runners Resource Book. This has all the support documentation of pesticide products to be applied, along with MSDS sheets, product labels, product toxicity info (if any), mixture rates and contact information should they have further concerns. 

Blade Runners has long provided this pesticide sign posting service option for our Homeowner Associations, Condominium Associations and Commercial Sites.  This not just littering the community with pesticide application flags vaguely communicating the ‘something’ was applied. 

Blade Runners Agro Sign

We provide highly visible, solid real estate-style signs placed at specific areas of the property. It contains the dates of application along with the QR Code Link to our resource book and a way to contact Blade Runners with questions. 

Proper implementation for both pesticide notice posting and the agronomic applications takes planning.  Adequate inventories of signs are needed to replace weathered and/or stolen signs.  Coordination planning is necessary in order to time the application after a turf mowing for maximum control along with the required 48 hour advance posting visit to place the signs. In the event of poor weather, an additional visit might be needed to alter the date.  Signs are removed from the site after the application.

As with many things there is more to this than meets the eye. Associations should be careful that there solution is a comprehensive one that adds value.    Turn this annoyance into a positive thing for your community!

See our Famous Blade Runners Resource Book Here–>   Click Here-Blade Runners Resource Book Here!


Blade Runners QR Code Link to Resource Book on Sign contains:

  • Product label and MSDS sheets for all products we use.
  • Phone numbers for state and government agencies should the client want addition information.
  • Questions and answers regarding the service & Our methods of production and the manner in which we deliver the service.
  • Blade Runners Agronomic Program Details – with Product Names, Timeline, Mixture Rates.
  • Blade Runners Philosophy “SAFE” Program.
  • S- Safety 
  • A- Accreditation 
  • F- Facts
  • E- Education 

Read all about Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act requirements for new notice of pesticide application 

Virginia HOA Boards, and Property Managers, and landscape contractors were blindsided by a Virginia Statute (§ 55-510.3 ) requiring 48 hours of posting notice for all agronomic applications.

Read the actual statue § 55-510.3. Common areas; notice of pesticide application.  The association shall post notice of all pesticide applications in or upon the common areas. Such notice shall consist of conspicuous signs placed in or upon the common areas where the pesticide will be applied at least 48 hours prior to the application

Homeowner in Blade Runners Assoc. Comments on the crew on site:

Mr Reed, 

Thank you for bringing my watch to my address. Please give my regards to the landscape team, especially the guy who found it and picked it up. He turned it in. Tell all and the guys who dropped it off, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a special gift and meant so much to recovery it.

I appreciate  the honesty of the team/ guy who found it and turned it in. Its nice to know people are willing to return items. Thank you again, I’m so happy to have it back


Good morning, Shannon.   I hope this message finds you well.   I also left you a voicemail. 
Your team took great care of my yard when we lived in the Enclave at Ballston ….   We sold this house in 2021 and are about to move into a new home on the Arlington/McLean border.     
It would be great if we could continue working together.  Appreciate if you’d give me a call to discuss setting up mowing and some other services.
My cell is…….

Good afternoon Amy-

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today.  Thank you so much for returning my call!
I am reaching out to share that I have observed, consistently, exemplary outdoor landscape upkeep and beautification work by three individuals in the employ of Bladerunner and wanted to share with you their names:  Fernando Campos, Rosemary Flores, and Ernesto Segovia.
On a number of particularly hot days, I had occasion to offer water and Gatorade to these lovely people and wanted you to know how absolutely delightful they were in interacting with me, in addition to their obvious commitment to meticulous and careful attention to detail on the property immediately outside of the residence in which I live.  
Everything always looks so fresh and clean when they have come through, and they are such nice people, as well.
While I am not an owner here in the community, I think it is very pretty and now I know why it makes such a nice appearance!  If I am able to do so, I expect that I will be purchasing a residence in this beautifully-kept community.
Please let Fernando, Rosemary, and Ernesto know that somebody is noticing their commitment to their art and craft–They certainly are a credit to Blade Runners!
With kindest regards,

Hi Shannon,
The crew did a good job landscaping and mulching at Daniel Court yesterday. The property looks nice now. We complimented Pedro yesterday and wanted to let you know too.
Best wishes,
-Mike and Gerda

Hi Noel,
Not sure if something is actually different, but it seems to me the landscaping spring cleaning is the best ever this year.
The workers really did a great clean up of debris and trimmed so nicely. The property looks great. And most of the mulch is not down yet-so it will look even better after that.
(I always felt the mulch got put down too early in the past.)
Anyway, whatever happened this year I hope can continue into future years.
Have a great weekend.

Hi Eric,
I was the landscaping committee board member and point of contact with Shannon at Blade Runners the past year. I just resigned my board position but I wanted to let you know it was a pleasure to work with BR and Shannon. It was a lot of work especially for the first year and Shannon helped us a lot to navigate all the variety of issues that came up. He was very responsive and I was surprised all the time the response time even on the weekend including Sunday from him.
It cannot be easy to work with a volunteer board of a small community but Shannon has always been patient and professional with us. Our common area had been neglected for a long time and we can already see a very positive difference one year with BR had made. Although it’s impossible to not encounter some complaints or unreasonable demands, many residents did express their gratitude for the work you all have done.
I hope HHATA can continue to maintain a good relationship with BR and continue to improve our neighborhood!
Thank You and have a great weekend!

Hi Shannon,

Once again, your crew did a great job getting the leaves picked up before today’s storm and rain…we dodged a bullet in our area with today’s storm.. Pease pass on our compliments to your crew members.

On another note, Brittney will be reaching out to discuss addressing three large bare areas (behind the back row of Montague Court, along the back row of Montana Court and an area adjacent to the sidewalk along the side of Montana Court and leading to Manchester Court.)  with no grass and which have become mud quagmires for ideas on how we can consider restoring the areas come spring time. 

Best wishes for the holiday.


We love our clients as well, and thank you for sending this nice note to us!


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