“Hello Shannon, your mowing crew was here yesterday and one of my neighbors and I were looking at the grass and commenting on what an absolutely amazing recovery your company has accomplished with our grass situation.   It’s really almost unbelievable except we’re seeing it with our own eyes!!  “

“Kudos to BladeRunners.”      Genny

Hi Andy,

I saw the crew planting today. You were right about the plants. They all look nice (and they went above and beyond and pulled up some invasive ground cover while they were there. Please thank them for us.


Dave.. is the new Board President. I am in the middle of selling my Condo.
Please switch the e-mails over to Dave  and Dan, our Gates Hudson Portfolio Manager and remove my e-mail from the distro.
On a second note, you and Blade Runner’s have done a fantastic job during my tenure, I know you will do the same going forward and wanted to say thank you.
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Mary Sue,
Thank you! We are home now after two weeks of travel!   We know we’ve been a bit nudgey since February about the common grass…
Your work with Blade Runners has worked! We just opened our front door and we’re welcomed home by the best and most beautiful green grass we have had since we’ve lived here!
They have also continued to hand mow since we’ve been away and it makes an incredible difference!
Thanks so much!
Your most appreciative neighbors!

Hi Andy,

I wanted to let you know that I sold my townhouse…  It’s been a pleasure working with Blade Runners — you and your team do an excellent job with the cluster grounds! 

Best Regards,


See what this client has to say:

Hi Terry,

Hope you’re doing well. Wanted to tell you that the turf work that the Blade Runners crew did last month is paying off – the grass looks great! I’ve had several homeowners tell me that this is the beta the grass has looked in years (it’s certainly the best it’s looked since I moved here in five years ago).

Thanks for all your work on Coleson Cluster and please tell the grounds crew that we really appreciate their efforts. It doesn’t go unnoticed.


To see more about the Blade Runners approach Click here—->   Blade Runners Hydro Seeding  

In doing Landscape and Grounds Maintenance for the last 38 years, it sometimes happens that you lose a client from time to time. 

While we hate that, we understand it is part of the industry but NOTHING makes use happier when that client then returns to us after being with another company. 

This is the HIGHEST compliment! 

This voicemail was left for us, upon our return to a long term client after leaving for one year.   

Thank you Margaret,  we are so happy to be back!


Employees of Blade Runners Snow Central

I just read your update on Snow Alert and I am sending this to let you know that your staff is ALWAYS attentive to those of us who live in the Wethersfield Cluster in Reston, and there SHOULD BE absolutely NO complaint about your situation.  You provide wonderful service to us and while there is always a complainer in the mob, please be assured that if we have to be adults and understand your predicament, then we just smile and thank you for keeping us informed.  Thank you, and please be very careful as you work through this snow storm.


At this time of year, it is especially important to express ones appreciation for positive things in our lives. 

Throughout the years that Blade Runners has managed the grounds at Chancery Square, the crew assigned to us has been wonderful.  They are so hard working and meticulous in their work.  I can honestly say, in the autumn when they tidy up our leaves and leave the property, there is not one leaf on the ground!

The crew is also very polite and courteous.  Whether blowing leaves or cutting the grass, when a person or car passes buy, they turn off their machines and flag people forward to ensure they are not bothered by any debris.  So thoughtful of the crew.  I always enjoy waving at them as I pass and receiving a big smiles return.

Please pass on to the crew our appreciation for taking such good care of our beautiful Chancery Square. 

Sending my very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 to our crew and everyone at Blade Runners.


Jeanie …

ACC Chairperson


That is correct. Looking forward to continuing our relationship. Our neighborhood has been extremely happy with your services.


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