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“More compliments yesterday on what a great job BR did with the mulching. I’m throwing my own kudos in as well!  No mulch tornados, no excessive mulch piles and great clean up.  They carefully double checked addresses for who didn’t want mulch. BR is the first landscaping company to get that correct and I have lived here 12 years! Thanks! Pam”

Hello Shannon,
I would like to acknowledge the 4 man leaf removal crew currently working right now on our HOA property.  I have been observing them and they are performing an excellent job. I have observed this service another time this year and years past. No other crew has done the job as well as this one!  I must say they are the best!  I think they all should be complemented for a job well done!
Happy Holidays,
The Mains at Flint Hill

Board President Shares her thoughts on Blade Runners Leaf Removal Services and share with Account Manager:


Just wanted to let you know Blade Runners did an excellent job yesterday cleaning up the leaves. I hope residents appreciate it and do likewise cleaning their property.

And kudos to the Blade Runner young man with blower who, when he saw me trying to get a mass of wet leaves off my neighbor’s sidewalk that were stuck like glue to the concrete, gestured to me and in seconds blew them off. Much appreciated. I would still be trying otherwise. 

HI Terry.
I want to say, it was amazing how hard your team worked on Saturday when they were out here for leaf removal! 
The place looks great… so thorough.
Please pass along to your crew that their efforts and results were noted and greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
Joe Crawford

President, Board of Directors

We have lived in Point of Woods townhouses in Manassas for over 50 years and I was the first Chairman of the resident’s Point of Woods Association. I also served for 16 years on the Manassas City Council as member and Vice-Mayor. I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job your staff did today in clearing the unbelievable amount of leaves. The staff was great and did such a personal effort to assure that any leaves or trash was also blown. Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
Maury Gerson

Dear Shannon,

It is my pleasure to announce that the Courthouse Oaks HOA Board of Directors has selected  Blade Runners to be our community’s landscaping provider for a three-year term from 2024-2026. 
The reasons for your selection were based on excellent performance over the past 13 years, your competitive bid, and the outstanding customer service we have received from Mike Dollard. Mike has responded time-after-time to issues that pop-up at the last moment, like tree limbs falling on our Tot Lot to damage done to trees and shrubs following inclement weather. We are very thankful for Mike fulfilling the true meaning of customer service.
The signed three-year contract is attached to this email.  Best wishes to you and your company for a very Happy Thanksgiving.
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