Hello Shannon,  good morning.

Would you please let your crew know how grateful and pleased we are with the job they did removing our piles of leaves this week. Everything was done perfectly.     


Thanks Shannon. …We had one other proposal that was comparable but chose to go with Blade Runners because of your team’s professionalism and the customer service we’ve received so far.



The crew finished work today and did a very nice job.  All instructions were followed.  Please thank the crew for their good efforts.


Mary Sue,
Thank you! We are home now after two weeks of travel!   We know we’ve been a bit nudgey since February about the common grass…
Your work with Blade Runners has worked! We just opened our front door and we’re welcomed home by the best and most beautiful green grass we have had since we’ve lived here!
They have also continued to hand mow since we’ve been away and it makes an incredible difference!
Thanks so much!
Your most appreciative neighbors!

Hi Andy,

I wanted to let you know that I sold my townhouse…  It’s been a pleasure working with Blade Runners — you and your team do an excellent job with the cluster grounds! 

Best Regards,


In doing Landscape and Grounds Maintenance for the last 38 years, it sometimes happens that you lose a client from time to time. 

While we hate that, we understand it is part of the industry but NOTHING makes use happier when that client then returns to us after being with another company. 

This is the HIGHEST compliment! 

This voicemail was left for us, upon our return to a long term client after leaving for one year.   

Thank you Margaret,  we are so happy to be back!



That is correct. Looking forward to continuing our relationship. Our neighborhood has been extremely happy with your services.


All, I just want to commend the crew for the level of workmanship I observed today.  Maureen happen to hear and see them working and grab me and we went over.  Knocked on a few doors to get cars relocated and out of harm’s way.   I drove over at dusk and was amazed at how much light you could still see in that area.   It looks altogether new!!

Karen, please pass on that I was extremely pleased and appreciative with their level of work. And thank you for expediting the request and at no additional cost to the community.  It’s great to have you on board. 

Hi Shannon,
I wanted to reach out and let you know that Tanners Cluster has not forgotten about this proposal! : ) Our next Board Meeting is on 10/18. So you can expect an answer the week of 10/18. I don’t expect any issues. We love Blade Runners and are always so appreciative. The staff are amazing, very responsive.
Will be looping back with you soon!


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