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All people that apply pesticides and herbicides are required to have licensing from the Virginia Department of Agriculture. As such extending education is required each year. See the certificate for Eric Storck, President of Blade Runners, completing this requirment.


I want you to know that I am getting nothing but compliments from our residents about the landscaping work. Even the biggest complainer in the HOA began his latest whine with the qualifier that “the common area looks much better.”

I know first-hand from my own career that quality service delivery doesn’t “just happen.” It takes a lot of hands-on supervision and attention to details. We appreciate very much the successful efforts your company is making to keep our neighbor looking first class.

BTW, we are having our first social event of the season this Sunday starting at 5 PM. It is a very informal wine party at the gazebo with some snacks. I don’t want to impose on your weekend, but if you and/or Mike want to stop by with your wives and meet some of our residents then you are most welcome to do so.

Thanks much,

Merle Russ

 President and Grounds Chairman Oak Manor HOA


The guys who will here to clean up, weed and mulch did a wonderful job. I am amazed how many people called and complimented the work. I am excited that this property will finally start looking it’s best.

Ron Crigger

Hawthorne Village

Fairfax VA

It’s been a great move for the community


I just wanted to tell you that Duke Street is extremely happy with the service that your company provides.  They are always very complimentary and it has been a great move for the community.

 James Hawkins
 Portfolio Manager
 Duke Street Square

Eric and Mike,
My term as a trustee at the church has ended and I’m off to a different committee. I want to thank you two, your crew foremen and employees (both on the grounds and in the office) for the great work you’ve done on behalf of our church this year. Your grounds crew has been diligent, careful and thorough. You two and your office personnel have been patient and responsive to all our questions and needs.
The most frequent thing I’ve heard this year is “the grounds have never looked better.” To many, this is holy ground and your crews have treated it as such.
Thanks for everything,
Mark Pearson
Vice chairman / Board of Trustees
Annandale United Methodist Church

Dear Raul and Eric,

Your L2 crew, led by Carlos, did an outstanding job today at Sycamore Ridge Condominium Association in Arlington. They were fast, hard-working and thorough. I’m delighted with the results and hope you will assign L2 here again in the future. Carlos really knows our property now, and he avoids all the pitfalls while doing the work that needs to be done. I’m very grateful.
Sincerely yours,
Jo Allen
President, Sycamore Ridge Condominium Association
6264 15th Place North
Arlington, VA 22205

Thank you Eric for the direct line phone numbers. Yes they will be very helpful. I want you to know that I again received some wonderful comments about the lush green beautiful lawn we now have at our Falls Church, Church of Christ. I tell them that Blade-Runners deserves all the credit (pats on the back) for the excellent condition of our property. So many cudo’s Blade-Runners folks.

Sincerely thankful,

Kevin Thie J

Eric, Carlos and Blade Runners employees,
Your team did a beautiful landscaping job at our home a few weeks ago.  Leveling off our side yard with top quality soil, moving our side roof drains underground and the additional work at our home has improved drainage and made our property look much better.  Carlos and his crew were very tidy and worked hard to accomplish in one day what would have taken me a month of Saturdays working dawn to dusk.  Well done Blade Runners!.  You have served us well on this project and also several others times over the years.
David and Allison Shelby
Vienna, Virginia

In all of my years of managing this building, as a sideline to my real job of supporting the CFO, I have never seen a more detailed and more perfect spring cleanup. The property looks better than it ever has. The diligence of the workers and their supervisor was astounding. I reluctantly made a small suggestion to them about tossing the rocks that had moved away from their beds adjoining the building, and they were instantly responsive. I did tell them I was not sure I should be telling them what to do (leftover from Links Pond policies), but they were most willing, and I told their supervisor as he checked up on their work. All over the property they explored places and piles of debris that had never been touched! So congratulations to all. I am so glad you are in our corner.

All the best,

June Swan,International Registries, Inc.


Soil erosion occurs when soil particles are carried off by water or wind. In addition to the soil, runoff can wash fertilizer and other pollutants along with it. According to topsoil in puyallup most phosphates and pesticides entering Virginia’s waters are attached to these soil particles. Nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers carried by runoff have been associated with many environmental problems. Streams, ponds, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay suffer from algae growth, depletion of the water’s oxygen supply, and suffocation of aquatic organisms. Soil erosion begins with the depletion of the uppermost layer of soil: dust. And to prevent this, Dust control in Australia has almost become a mandate, in a bid to both stop erosion and keep the atmosphere clean, and the use of other home services like a mice and rodent exterminator could also help keeping your home clean and pest free.

Everyone recognizes a gully as evidence of soil erosion. Muddy water in your gutter or driveway also indicates that erosion has been occurring. It may only be visible for a time following a rain, but the damage will continue unless something is done, we recommend yo to visit Prime website if you are looking for a reliable roofing company that gives you a free estimate so we may get your project started immediately.

The following are other indications of erosion.

  • Bare spots on your lawn or property
  • Exposed tree roots
  • Small rills or gullies on slopes
  • Soil splashes on your windows and outside walls
  • Sediment that collects in low areas or on pavement. If you wish to keep the pavement in good condition.

Water always takes the easiest path. Because of this, it is important to understand how and what drainage is in order to find an alternative path for the water on your land.

What drains from your property will affect much more than your land alone. Runoff from your yard is the water that runs across your yard and all the material the water picks up and carries with it. Pollutants in water are frequently referred to as point and nonpoint source pollution. Point source pollutants come from an identified point such as an outfall pipe at an industrial operation. Nonpoint source pollutants come from many sources such as pet waste, leaking or improperly disposed auto fluids, car wash detergent or startchoosing the best soap, or fertilizers from your lawn. Pollutants are carried down into the groundwater table with percolating water draining through soil and disposed. Pollutants are also washed into lakes and streams via surface runoff. Storm drains, along streets and in backyards, lead to local streams. Home lawns and landscapes contribute to pollution when improper water management and chemical application allow fertilizer or pesticide-laden runoff to drain into our water supplies. In some areas, soils are very slow-draining and are referred to as having a high groundwater table. Groundwater tables tend to be at their highest in February and March in Virginia as a result of snowmelt and rains. Reliable


  • Wet Lawns: To help prevent surface water from standing in your property, don’t create or maintain a perfectly flat space. Maintain a slight slope that drains toward a swale, rain garden or storm sewer inlet. Even very well-drained soils may become saturated in a Virginia summer thunderstorm, so try to maintain a slope of 5 percent away from the house and 2 percent everywhere else
  • Standing water: If your yard, or some portion of it, remains wet and soggy for extended periods (two or three days following a rain), the natural drainage ways may be blocked or have settled and do not have enough grade to drain. Soggy ground and wet lawns are often the result of trapped surface water with no place to go. Most yards are originally graded so that water flows from the front to the street and from the back to a swale, ditch, or storm sewer. The existing grade of your land may have changed with an added patio, walk, or mounded planting beds (ask your deck contractors for more details), or trees may have grown significantly and their roots raised the ground surface.
  • Bare Spots: Excess water is the most frequent cause of bare spots and erosion. If the excess water is moving across your property, it will need to be redirected to a more appropriate area. The redirected water can be diverted to an appropriately planted grassy area, or a drainage swale, (A drainage swale is a shaped and sloped depression in the soil surface used to convey water run-off to a desired location). Regrading may be necessary to the surrounding ground to encourage the water to move where you want it to go.


1. Where is the water coming from? Standing rain water? Or is the water flowing onto the property from elsewhere?
2. Where should the water go? Water always flows downhill. Is something preventing the water from draining away? Is a storm drain clogged with debris? Is a drainage ditch overgrown with weeds or full of mulch? Is some man-made barrier blocking the waters natural path?
3. How much water to be handled? Is a wide drainage channel needed or will a shallow channel suffice?
4. How steep is the slope? A gentle slope will have a slow current, while a steep slope will need breaks to slow the water and prevent erosion.

To solve the erosion problem, you must identify the cause and then correct it with an alternative site design solution using BMPs (best management practices), we recommend to use topsoil to correct any damage left behind the restoration process. BMPs involve measures which accomplish two basic objectives:

  • Reduce the amount of impervious surface area, thereby reducing runoff and
  • Utilize the landscape to naturally filter and infiltrate runoff before it leaves the development site.

Recommended Site Design Alternatives…

  • Natural Drainage Swales: A drainage swale is a shaped and sloped depression in the soil surface used to convey water run-off to a desired location. A drainage swale is designed with a lining of vegetation, riprap, asphalt, concrete, or other material and is used to intercept and divert flow to a suitable outlet. It is constructed by excavating a channel and applying the appropriate stabilization. They can be used to convey runoff from the bottom or top of slope. For swales draining a disturbed area, the outlet can be to a sediment trapping device prior to its release.
  • Mulch: Mulching is a temporary erosion control practice in which materials such as grass, hay wood chips, wood fibers, straw, or gravel are placed on exposed or recently planted soil surfaces
  • Natural Landscaping: Natural landscaping approaches utilize native plants as an alternative to conventional turf grass. The principal advantage of preserving natural vegetations and utilizing natural landscape designs is the protections of desirable trees, vines, bushes, and grasses from damage caused by erosion. Vegetation provides erosion control, storm water detention, biofiltration, and aesthetic values.
  • Permeable Pavers: Permeable pavers are an environmentally friendly alternative to regular interlocking pavers. They allow for water to filter through the surface where it stays in a gravel basin while it slowly filters into the soil. By absorbing runoff, permeable surfaces help to prevent erosion and drainage issues.
  • Riprap: Riprap is a permanent, erosion-resistant layer made of stones. It is intended to protect soil from erosion in areas of concentrated runoff.

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