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Hello Lori.  Just want to say, while I can’t speak for the entire community, the lawn crew worked tirelessly all day and they did an outstanding job.  I offered and they accepted some refreshments at the end.  Please pass along my compliments.  A job well done.  


Hi Shannon,
Thank you for the information. I think the Board has begun to recognize the potential need to pay more for a stronger landscaping company to manage their grounds.
________ I think has been effective, but the Board has recalled the service from Blade Runners as being a higher tier. There is not currently a guarantee they will cancel with _______, but they are seriously considering a change. A lot of it will depend I think on them. ….
I know that provides a lot of uncertainty, but I wanted to just give you insight into where they are.

See Why Blade Runners is a “Higher Tier” and its much more then cost. See the difference here:


Differences with ________ & Blade Runners…  
Their pricing for snow service is OUTRAGEOUS. We spent over $100K for the mild winter in 2022 and had to raise HOA dues.
Ther landscape team did not have the same attention to detail. Owner complaints more than doubled. Areas not mowed, shrubs not trimmed well. Wrong plants installed. Poor communication and slow to remedy their errors.
We terminated the contract and returned to Blade Runners.
Lisa –
SHA Landscape Chair

A Successful Landscape  Relationship is much more then just a Proposal and Cost, learn more about the Blade Runners 3 steps for a Success here:


Hi Terry –

As you know we had two crews on the property this week for lots of work.  I want to complement the crews for the quick and efficient service.  They were also very respectful and helpful to individual homeowners who approached them.

Please let Eric and the crews know, we are a pleased customer.  

Winnie P….


Please know that the crews on the property last week were great!  They were here early, worked hard all day and did a great job of cleaning up every evening. And the crew was polite to everyone.  

I will defer to Winnie, but I wanted to touch base with you since you followed up with us.



Did you know that Blade Runners has a full tree department with two Arborist on Staff?

See more of the specialized Equipment we use to protect your property —>  SEE BLADE RUNNERS CRAWLER!!

We sure do, we can help with:

– Emergency Tree Care
– Tree Removal
– Stump Removal
– Pruning
– Fertilization
– Tree Nutrition
– Arborist Reports and Consultation
– Pest Management
– Resistograph Tree Assessment

Blade Runners can care for your trees and we know how to keep them healthy. Trees in the metro area are reacting to many environmental stresses and showing signs of much needed attention.  At Blade Runners we use state of the art non-destructive equipment, causing less damage to the landscape below or structures around. We can provide long term solutions & work to provide a phased approach over many years to help you manage your budgets & resident concerns!  When it comes to your tree concerns,  think Blade Runners.


See Another comment on the Amazing Blade Runners Tree Department —>  Alexandria HOA comments on Tree Department

Homeowner in Blade Runners Assoc. Comments on the crew on site:

Mr Reed, 

Thank you for bringing my watch to my address. Please give my regards to the landscape team, especially the guy who found it and picked it up. He turned it in. Tell all and the guys who dropped it off, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a special gift and meant so much to recovery it.

I appreciate  the honesty of the team/ guy who found it and turned it in. Its nice to know people are willing to return items. Thank you again, I’m so happy to have it back


The West Village of Shirlington, Arlington named Community Association of the Year Large Category by Community Associations Institute Washington Metro Chapter.

 See link the CAI DC – West Village Large Community of the year!

Congratulations to West Village!  Blade Runners is honored to work and partner with West Village of Shirlington and work with the Board of Directors, Landscape Committee and Management! 

You can also see other communities past Blade Runners winner at – See Another Blade Runners Community that won Community of the Year

Good afternoon Amy-

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today.  Thank you so much for returning my call!
I am reaching out to share that I have observed, consistently, exemplary outdoor landscape upkeep and beautification work by three individuals in the employ of Bladerunner and wanted to share with you their names:  Fernando Campos, Rosemary Flores, and Ernesto Segovia.
On a number of particularly hot days, I had occasion to offer water and Gatorade to these lovely people and wanted you to know how absolutely delightful they were in interacting with me, in addition to their obvious commitment to meticulous and careful attention to detail on the property immediately outside of the residence in which I live.  
Everything always looks so fresh and clean when they have come through, and they are such nice people, as well.
While I am not an owner here in the community, I think it is very pretty and now I know why it makes such a nice appearance!  If I am able to do so, I expect that I will be purchasing a residence in this beautifully-kept community.
Please let Fernando, Rosemary, and Ernesto know that somebody is noticing their commitment to their art and craft–They certainly are a credit to Blade Runners!
With kindest regards,
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