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You need a lawn care company with a proactive approach. Blade Runners knows each client’s property – end to end – and works to make their landscaping vision happen. We use the latest technologies, return phone calls and emails promptly, and provide value-added expertise. Visit our Services section for more details.

Our standard commercial grounds maintenance agreement is a concise, highly detailed outline of exactly what is to be done and how. Landscape installation proposals are submitted in a timely fashion and include drawings and edited photos. Lawn care issues on the property are reported to you via email as our highly trained staff reports them in a positive proactive fashion.

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There Are No Cars Parked Opposite Mine, Why Can’t They Just Push All The Snow To That Side Of The Street?

It is our policy to push the snow to the side of the street that impacts the community the least. However that may not be possible in the following situations:

  • Accumulation over 5″
  • Circular road (snow will fall to outer portion of circle)
  • Roads that are vacant on left and then right, we cannot switch directions in the middle of the process.

Why Is There Snow Piled Behind My Car? Why Can’t They Pile All The Snow At The End Of The Street?

We can understand why you might think that the plow can push all the snow from the street away from the cars and to a desirable location. In reality, the snow must fall off the plow blade to allow the truck to keep moving. Otherwise, the snow would quickly pile up and stop the truck. Often there are cars parked on either side of the street so we evenly distribute the snow on either side. This can create a wall of snow behind your car 3-4 times as high as the accumulation. Plowing is not a snow removal service. Our objective is to clear the roadway in a timely and safe manner. Accumulation of snow behind your car is to be expected. By pitching in and doing your part to keep your parking area clean you are saving money. We have loader services available for snow removal.

Why Can’t You Push The Snow To The Center Islands And Not Behind Our Cars? Item B Above

We can see how you might think this is the way to go. This is a common request as many center islands do not have parking spots but unfortunately we are unable to plow this way. The road around a center island is a larger circle, imagine snow in front of the plow as a marble in front of a ruler. If you turn the ruler in a circular fashion, the marble will fall to the outside. The same applies to plowing of snow around a center island. (If you parking area is circular the snow will predominately accumulate to the outer edges)

I Just Shoveled Out My Car, And They Came Back And Plowed Me In!#?

We can understand how this can be frustrating. After working hard and using lots of muscle power to clean out your space we destroy your work! Remember that we are contracted to return to plow until the roads are clear. In heavy snows we probably will visit your property more than once. If we wait until the end of a 6-8″ storm before starting, the weight of the snow will be too great for our equipment and we will not be able to service your association in a timely fashion. In cases where we return, this snow gets plowed back into your spot and if we do not return it can create a dangerous ice mound in the roadway. It is best to pile this snow in front of your space or on the edge of the walkway.

Why Is Snow In My Parking Space?

Our policy is not to place snow in empty parking spaces. However, there are some instances where this is needed (see “what can we do to help” section). In these cases, we try to keep the snow to the front of the space so you still can park. In extreme events, the truck may have no choice but to completely plow in a space. When this happens a loader will need to be dispatched to move the snow.

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