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You need a lawn care company with a proactive approach. Blade Runners knows each client’s property – end to end – and works to make their landscaping vision happen. We use the latest technologies, return phone calls and emails promptly, and provide value-added expertise. Visit our Services section for more details.

Our standard commercial grounds maintenance agreement is a concise, highly detailed outline of exactly what is to be done and how. Landscape installation proposals are submitted in a timely fashion and include drawings and edited photos. Lawn care issues on the property are reported to you via email as our highly trained staff reports them in a positive proactive fashion.

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Help Us Avoid The Three Headed Monster!

This is when the street has parking on both sides and at the end of the street. We cannot back in because the length of the truck prevents us from getting the snow at the end. We cannot push forward without plowing in cars. Solution: Opening up a space at the end of the street will allow us to plow effectively.

Help Avoid The End Road Block In:

If we have a street that has parking on both sides of the street but the end is vacant then we don’t have to worry about the three headed monster, and that is great! In this case we will push snow over the curb at the end of the street. In severe storms or if previous piles have become frozen, accumulations may begin to extend into parking areas. At this point loader service is recommended.

Avoid The Corner Plow In:

As the plow travels around a corner it is physically impossible to get as close to the cars as when we are traveling straight. For this reason, the cars in the corner have extra snow behind them.

Ask Residents Not To Place Snow From Their Spaces In The Roadway:

It is best to shovel the snow from your parking spot to the front of your space. Creating long furrowed rows of snow beyond the parking spaces reduces the width of cleared road way and eliminates our primary objective of creating two lanes of traffic.

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