The West Village of Shirlington, Arlington named Community Association of the Year Large Category by Community Associations Institute Washington Metro Chapter.

 See link the CAI DC – West Village Large Community of the year!

Congratulations to West Village!  Blade Runners is honored to work and partner with West Village of Shirlington and work with the Board of Directors, Landscape Committee and Management! 

You can also see other communities past Blade Runners winner at – See Another Blade Runners Community that won Community of the Year

Good morning, Shannon.   I hope this message finds you well.   I also left you a voicemail. 
Your team took great care of my yard when we lived in the Enclave at Ballston ….   We sold this house in 2021 and are about to move into a new home on the Arlington/McLean border.     
It would be great if we could continue working together.  Appreciate if you’d give me a call to discuss setting up mowing and some other services.
My cell is…….

Good afternoon Amy-

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier today.  Thank you so much for returning my call!
I am reaching out to share that I have observed, consistently, exemplary outdoor landscape upkeep and beautification work by three individuals in the employ of Bladerunner and wanted to share with you their names:  Fernando Campos, Rosemary Flores, and Ernesto Segovia.
On a number of particularly hot days, I had occasion to offer water and Gatorade to these lovely people and wanted you to know how absolutely delightful they were in interacting with me, in addition to their obvious commitment to meticulous and careful attention to detail on the property immediately outside of the residence in which I live.  
Everything always looks so fresh and clean when they have come through, and they are such nice people, as well.
While I am not an owner here in the community, I think it is very pretty and now I know why it makes such a nice appearance!  If I am able to do so, I expect that I will be purchasing a residence in this beautifully-kept community.
Please let Fernando, Rosemary, and Ernesto know that somebody is noticing their commitment to their art and craft–They certainly are a credit to Blade Runners!
With kindest regards,

Also,@ your tree crew did a wonderful job taking down the dead pine tree out front. By the time the stump had been removed, the ground was left completely flat and right now there is a perfect little circle of straw covering the grass seed.  So glad to have the dead tree gone!
Thank you for another excellent job done. 
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