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Blade Runners

Believes in a three step approach to landscape maintenance.  The Standard contract, Short range , and Long range planning, see video to the right for information and also the timeline below for a list of standard maintenance services.

All of our landscape maintenance services are completed in house. We do not farm out turf application services to Tru Green. We are proud of our environmental approach to lawn care and the use of our famous 65% slow release fertilizer that is organic based.

See our Safe Application Handboook

Blade Runners lets you know what we are doing and when.

  • Service timeline states date ranges for all of our contract services.
  • Letter codes match the contract specifications in your agreement.
  • Completion emails sent each time we are on the property.
  • Detailed monthly invoices complete the process.

Put it all together: You have a clear idea of the WHAT AND WHEN.


  • Mowing and Full service Grounds Maintenance.
  • Fertilization, Weed control and other Agronomic services.
  • Seeding Aeration and renovation.
  • Tree pruning and Arborist service.
  • Fertilization.
  • Crabgrass and Weed Control.
  • Shrub Fertilization.
  • Liming.
  • Aeration.
  • Seeding.
  • Integrated Pest Management.
  • Soil Test.
  • Mowing, Trimming, Edging.
  • Weeding.
  • Pruning.
  • Shrub Trimming.
  • Mulching.
  • Leaf Clean-Up.
  • Parking Lot Clean-Up.
  • Watering Service.

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