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Hi – A team came today to take care of all of my weeds in the front/back of my house. They did an AMAZING job. I wanted to thank them for all of their work. Best – Andrea 

Hi Shannon,
The crew did a good job landscaping and mulching at Daniel Court yesterday. The property looks nice now. We complimented Pedro yesterday and wanted to let you know too.
Best wishes,
-Mike and Gerda

Hi Noel,
Not sure if something is actually different, but it seems to me the landscaping spring cleaning is the best ever this year.
The workers really did a great clean up of debris and trimmed so nicely. The property looks great. And most of the mulch is not down yet-so it will look even better after that.
(I always felt the mulch got put down too early in the past.)
Anyway, whatever happened this year I hope can continue into future years.
Have a great weekend.

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