See picture of side by side properties, one uses messy sand.  Less effective and then you have to pay to clean it up. 

Not all Ice Control are equal.   Ice B’Gone Magic is some of the coldest work ice control on the market.  It actually lowers the freezing temperature of water to (-35) degrees.   What does that mean to you?   This means a better product that does not have as many freeze/ thaw cycles.  Because it works so cold, you need less applications.  So that saves you money!  

We are the only one in the area that has Ice B’Gone Magic.  This is the coldest working ice control product on the market and Blade Runners is the only contractor in NOVA to have this product. Using Ice B’Gone Magic – the only ice control certified by the EPA and is the coldest working product out there.  It lowers the freezing temperature of water, so you use less product and have less applications so that is better for all aspects (lowering the freezing temperature of water, and works to (-35 degrees) . We use this on the walks and the roadways and pre and post treatments

Check out our snow central page

Check out this link to the FAQs and learn about Ice B’Gone Magic and see how snow services work.

We also have a very exciting new box plow, check out this video.


……The residential wing of B-R just completed my front lawn on Friday.  It looks great!  I had grass replaced with ground cover (Little Blue Star Creeper) and Moonbeam.  Also had 2 shrubs placed.   

I’m fine with weeding, mulching, trimming etc. but do request that no mowing be done.  This ground cover will only grow 1 -3” which is exactly why I selected it.  Very happy with service.  Thanks for the referral.  I think it will generate more business 🙂


Hi Shannon,
I wanted to reach out and let you know that Tanners Cluster has not forgotten about this proposal! : ) Our next Board Meeting is on 10/18. So you can expect an answer the week of 10/18. I don’t expect any issues. We love Blade Runners and are always so appreciative. The staff are amazing, very responsive.
Will be looping back with you soon!



Blade Runners has taken the following steps to improve our ability to meet the demands of extreme events.

Purchase of additional heavy equipment:

By far our biggest challenge was the amount and availability of heavy equipment.  Blade Runners has since purchased 8 additional loaders

Loader Line up

In addition we have invested in 15 “Kage” Box/plow attachments. Please see the video below for further details.

Introduction of staging service:

We now offer a service that stages the new Box/Plow loader on the site for moderate events. This will insure immediate attention in heavy events for the future. Our clients have asked what can be done to insure faster service and this is the answer.

Reduction in the snow work load:

We found the largest jobs created the most scheduling havoc.  The quantity of snow created an exponential challenge. We have eliminated poorly located work of this type, and will be very careful to get a high service commitment from these properties in the future.

It is our feeling that these improvements will significantly improve our snow removal performance.

Blade Runners Proactive Leaf Removal Information!

Leaf season is coming!!   Here are some quick tips to help you understand your Blade Runners Leaf Service.

Fall Mowing Service:

Mowing Service vs Fall Cleanup:  It is important that you differentiate a fall mowing service (A1 service listed in your contract) from a fall clean-up service (B3 service listed on your contract). Your fall cleanup is dependent on the number of leaf removal services in your agreement. We often hear concerns about leaf removal quality when we are performing a mowing service.  For example, during the non-leaf season, Blade Runners blows the outer curb of debris at each mowing visit. We suspend blowing these areas after the leaves accumulate in the outer curb because it moves the leaves around and isn’t picked up with this service.  These areas will be cleaned with your leaf service.

As part of the fall mowing services, we use Mulching Blades: During the early fall mowing visits we use specialized mulching blades to grind and reduce leaves in the turf. We do not pile and remove leaves on these visits.  This is a cost saver for you and is good for your soil.

Fall Leaf Removal Visits.

To help keep your property safe and reduce the possibility of damage, we do not blow or remove leaves obstructed by parked cars as it aggravates residents and creates damage claims.  The thought process is that over several visits these areas will be cleaned. If there are residual concerns at the end of December, we can schedule a specific day in January to have cars moved and these areas cleaned.

Please review our leaf video for details of the removal service

Leaf Removal Schedule:

The leaf removal schedule (B3 service in your contract) is dependent on the number of clean-ups in your agreement. Please see the schedule below

The clean-ups timeline depends on the number of visits you have in your contract and would follow this schedule:

1x Leaf Management = 12/1-12/31

2x Leaf Management = 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31

3x Leaf Management = 10/15-10/31, 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31

4x Leaf Management = 10/15-10/31, 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31, 1/1-1/25

5x Leaf Management = 10/1-10/15, 10/15-10/31, 11/10-11/30, 12/1-12/31, 1/1-1/25

6x Leaf Management =1 0/1-10/15, 10/15-10/31, 11/1-11/10, 11/10-11/30, 12/1/12/31, 1/1-1/25


At any point we are happy to enhance any service that is currently in your agreement to give you the service you desire.


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