Blade Runners handles both snow removal and landscaping for us.  We have a good relationship, and they are responsive to our needs.  Our on-going relationship with Blade Runners has been an asset to Hunters Square.

Dave Crocker
VP, Hunters Square HOA

My name is Janine Leete and I am president of the Pavilions Cluster in north Reston, a community of 34 single family homes. Many thanks for the on-going progress updates. I have been able to share the information with the residents and that has gone a long way toward managing expectations. Several residents have e-mailed me and asked me to pass on their compliments to Blade Runners and the plow operators. We in the Pavilions have been quite impressed with the service. Somehow the driver(s) assigned to our little neighborhood managed to keep an open lane throughout almost the entire storm. We don’t know how they did it but we are grateful. Having heard from other cluster presidents who have contracts with other companies and have yet to even see a plow, I realize just how lucky we are.  Our thanks to the driver or drivers who worked our property on Friday and Saturday. Their diligence and hard work is appreciated.


   Janine Leete, President
   Pavilions Cluster HOA

We saw your most recent report and hope you know that we are very grateful for your great service.  Please do not think that we believe anything different.  We know your crews are operating in extraordinary conditions.  The most important thing is the safety of you and your crews.  Please have them get some rest. The storm will pass.  We will dig out.  If it takes a couple of days, so what?  Please assure your crews that we appreciate all they have done.  There is an emergency lane in our community if we needed it. That is all we need.  Everything else will dig out, when you can. Please take heart that we believe you have done great work in terrible conditions with a storm that we will all remember for many years to come.

W Morris
Board member of the Chancery Square Homeowners’ Board
Fairfax, VA

On behalf of the residents of The Mews, I would like to thank Blade Runners for all their hard work during the blizzard this past weekend.  Our parking lot was kept passable through Saturday and the plow driver that came through yesterday was incredibly thorough.  We really appreciate the efforts and ability of your team to handle such a heavy snow accumulation.  

   Thank you,
   Kristin Newett
   Little River Mews HOA

Line Trimmers are a great piece of equipment! They save countless hours of time compared to manual trimming methods. As a result, property owners save valuable budget dollars on the cost of their service. 

1 Line Trimmer photo

Unfortunately they can be the most damaging piece of equipment on the work site. Unprotected items such as light, fence and mail box posts, siding, and air conditioner units can suffer damage in the long term. 

2 Damage photos


It can be a real challenge for contractors to avoid damage on items that are not protected. Blade Runners does take extra measures with training and even uses growth regulator products to reduce damage. We also warn our clients in our contracts that we are not responsible for damage that does not have an 18” border of protection. 

3 Spec

Blade Runners suggests you further protect your property.  There are some simple protection solutions that are not costly but can make a big difference. Take a look at some before and after photos. 

Mailboxes:4 Mailbox photos insert

Deck Posts:

Deck post inserts 2

Lamp Posts:  Lamp post insers 2

 Air Conditioner Units:  

7 AC units insert


It is essential to know how to replace vinyl siding and to get a professional to help you with the job to make it with a better material and of the style you like, remember there are  an incredible number of choices from fiber cement to vinyl to engineered wood siding.

8 Siding photos insert

Contact Blade Runners for a free assessment of your entire property. 


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