This note was on a handwritten card and we had to share it with you:

Eric and Blade Runners,

A heartfelt thanks on behalf of the First Ballston Commons Community for your conscientious and diligent snow removal efforts this winter. We appreciate that this has been a particularly trying season and despite it all we have recived excellent, proactive service and many unexpected personal gestures. Keep up the great work , best wishes for a happy , healthy 2010.


Darcey Bennett and the First Ballston Board.

Communication is an area where Blade Runners really stands out. Prior experiences with other landscaping companies as well as other community contractors were routinely disappointing when trying to contact someone to answer a question, review an invoice, submit a proposal, etc. Blade Runners has been responsive, accurate and available by both phone and e-mail. This is a far cry from our previous landscaping contract with which the site manager seemed to always lose the job specs and the owner would return a call the next week – from a golf course in Florida. Raul has done an excellent job as our site manager in notifying us when and how specific services or projects would be done. Communication also appears to be strong within the Blade Runners team, with our onsite crew regularly well-prepared before they drive onto the property on how they will approach and complete the job.

Good communication makes us feel that our good partnership with Blade Runners will continue to improve year after year. Thanks for staying in touch.

Michael Ellwood
Tallwoods HOA
Springfield, VA

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