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Hi Andy,

I wanted to let you know that I sold my townhouse…  It’s been a pleasure working with Blade Runners — you and your team do an excellent job with the cluster grounds! 

Best Regards,


Employees of Blade Runners Snow Central

I just read your update on Snow Alert and I am sending this to let you know that your staff is ALWAYS attentive to those of us who live in the Wethersfield Cluster in Reston, and there SHOULD BE absolutely NO complaint about your situation.  You provide wonderful service to us and while there is always a complainer in the mob, please be assured that if we have to be adults and understand your predicament, then we just smile and thank you for keeping us informed.  Thank you, and please be very careful as you work through this snow storm.


At this time of year, it is especially important to express ones appreciation for positive things in our lives. 

Throughout the years that Blade Runners has managed the grounds at Chancery Square, the crew assigned to us has been wonderful.  They are so hard working and meticulous in their work.  I can honestly say, in the autumn when they tidy up our leaves and leave the property, there is not one leaf on the ground!

The crew is also very polite and courteous.  Whether blowing leaves or cutting the grass, when a person or car passes buy, they turn off their machines and flag people forward to ensure they are not bothered by any debris.  So thoughtful of the crew.  I always enjoy waving at them as I pass and receiving a big smiles return.

Please pass on to the crew our appreciation for taking such good care of our beautiful Chancery Square. 

Sending my very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 to our crew and everyone at Blade Runners.


Jeanie …

ACC Chairperson

Hi Shannon,

Attached are the pertinent 2-pages for the 2022 Contract Renewal, which includes snow removal for this winter season.

Fr. Kelly and I are very pleased with the work performed at our location by your team. 

Thank you,


Business Manager

All, I just want to commend the crew for the level of workmanship I observed today.  Maureen happen to hear and see them working and grab me and we went over.  Knocked on a few doors to get cars relocated and out of harm’s way.   I drove over at dusk and was amazed at how much light you could still see in that area.   It looks altogether new!!

Karen, please pass on that I was extremely pleased and appreciative with their level of work. And thank you for expediting the request and at no additional cost to the community.  It’s great to have you on board. 

See picture of side by side properties, one uses messy sand.  Less effective and then you have to pay to clean it up. 

Not all Ice Control are equal.   Ice B’Gone Magic is some of the coldest work ice control on the market.  It actually lowers the freezing temperature of water to (-35) degrees.   What does that mean to you?   This means a better product that does not have as many freeze/ thaw cycles.  Because it works so cold, you need less applications.  So that saves you money!  

We are the only one in the area that has Ice B’Gone Magic.  This is the coldest working ice control product on the market and Blade Runners is the only contractor in NOVA to have this product. Using Ice B’Gone Magic – the only ice control certified by the EPA and is the coldest working product out there.  It lowers the freezing temperature of water, so you use less product and have less applications so that is better for all aspects (lowering the freezing temperature of water, and works to (-35 degrees) . We use this on the walks and the roadways and pre and post treatments


Check out our snow central page

Check out this link to the FAQs and learn about Ice B’Gone Magic and see how snow services work.

We also have a very exciting new box plow, check out this video.

Hi Shannon,
I wanted to reach out and let you know that Tanners Cluster has not forgotten about this proposal! : ) Our next Board Meeting is on 10/18. So you can expect an answer the week of 10/18. I don’t expect any issues. We love Blade Runners and are always so appreciative. The staff are amazing, very responsive.
Will be looping back with you soon!



Hi Terry,

Because much of our contact over the years I served on the Hamptons BOD involved requests or even complaints , I don’t want any more time to go by without acknowledging the great work you and the BR crew did on Friday.  We had suffered extensive and dangerous tree damage in the severe thunderstorm that barreled through the neighborhood on Wednesday night.  Early Friday morning the crews were hard at work, and within a few hours they had everything cleared and the debris hauled away – a monumental effort.  A “Well Done” to all involved!

Terry N…..

Thanks Shannon –

Here is an RFP for another one of my properties that is looking to change their landscaper.

Would love to have Blade Runners on another one of my properties!   

I am a certified fan of Blade Runners and appreciate the work that you do…  Also a small community, you have really upped the look at the property and I feel confident that you are doing a good job out there.

In my experience, I have never had board meetings where the community forum is filled with residents telling me what a good job a company did on snow removal or recent mowing and edging.  I HAVE gotten those very comments about Blade Runners.

The board is going to review the proposals and hopefully make a decision shortly.  I will be in touch with the results of their decision.  Thanks again for the proposal and have a nice weekend!

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