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Property Manager Comments on Last 3 years with Blade Runners.

“Shannon- You guys have surpassed our expectations with service. As I knew you would and that’s why I brought you guys on board. I will send you all the info tomorrow ….  I couldn’t stop raving about you guys!   Team BladeRunners!!!”

Property Manager

Legum & Norman, Inc.

Alexandria, VA

Rhodes Hill Square Condo Arlington, VA -Comments on Blade Runners Services!


Thanks for the feedback!  Your grounds crews always do a great job with the mowing and trimming shrubs.  Thanks for keeping our community looking so nice.

Barry, Board of Directors – Rhodes Hill Square Condo Arlington VA, 22209

“We are happy not looking like everyone else.”- Carriage Lawn at Barkley HOA, happy being Different!

Hi, Karen!

We liked the springtime flowers.  We like to shake things up around here and have drastically different colors from season to season.  We are really happy with the dense coverage of flowers as well!  Our upper gardens often don’t get the flowers they need on Saxon Flowers to elongate the view.  You guys did an awesome job!

What is the plan for fall and have you ordered them yet?  Hopefully a complete departure from current springtime colors.

Next spring, we would love white, lavenders or light blue and yellow.

We are happy not looking like everyone else.


HOA President

Carriage Lawn at Barkley

“Blade Runners always does a great job” says grateful resident in Hunters Green HOA

I recently was putting articles into my car while the Blade Runners team was mowing the grass on my property.  They very politely turned off the mowers and stepped back until I was finished loading my car.  Kudos to the Blade Runners team! I am always impressed with the way the Hunters Green grounds look. The team is obviously trained well and they always do a great job. Thank you, Blade Runners.

Jan Adams–a satisfied customer from the Hunters Green HOA 

Colecroft Condo in Alexandria Comments on Turf & Organic Applications

“Shannon,  I was out at Colecroft doing a spring inspection with board members & landscape committee yesterday after the crew completed the mowing. The grass looks awesome! Everyone complimented the green and the removed ivy. What a difference! ”

“I am impressed. It was very thick and green. What a huge difference at this property.”


Ingrid Ketterman CMCA® | Community Portfolio Manager

**Blade Runner applied Dynamic Duo applications in addition to their standard maintenance contracted items.   Dynamic Duo acts as top dressing that can improve your overall soil profile.   It is good to use in multiple applications where soil composition is not optimal.  Often soil test results will recommend these treatments.  Dynamic Duo is 100% organic derived from poultry manure.  This product is applied at a rate 4x that of fertilizer.  While it is a manure product that proprietary process delivers that application in pelletized from.

Stratford Place Condominiums in Kingstowne Comments on Turf Renovations

“Walking the property today and had to share the difference! Back of 7505 Ashby,  Very pleased! Job well done Bladerunners!!” -From the Board President 

“Before & After pictures of 7505 Ashby!  Shannon you made this happen! We thank you! Job well done!!!!!”  - From the Property Manager 

We used our Hydro Seeding operations to get these results. – Thank you Stratford Place Condominiums for working with us!

Learn more about that at:




Blade Runners Applauded for Customer Service & Grounds Maintenance

Shannon…One of the main reasons, why we seek proposals from Blade Runners, is the fact that we receive positive feedback from communities that Blade Runners services on properties we manage.

Thanks!–CMSI Management, Inc.  Chantilly, VA 

Compliments from Harrison Place HOA

We do appreciate your team’s professionalism, effectiveness, and efficient work.


Tyler S., Board President
Harrison Place HOA, Arlington VA

Many thanks to Blade Runners from a grateful resident in Hillside Ridge

A shout-out to Blade Runners again this year!  They completed my personal spring cleaning today…HUGE shout-out!

It looks amazing to me and I am thankful for them.

From a grateful customer in Hillside Ridge Homeowners Association, Sarah S.


Oakton Elementary School Appreciates Blade Runners Excellent Service

Dear Mr. Storck,

I’m writing on behalf of a collection of residents and parents at/near the Oakton Elementary School.  We want to extend our appreciation for your donation of services to keep Oakton Elementary school grounds looking great. Supporting public education is a terrific show of support for an important element of the community–public schools–especially one on a busy road.  Making a school “look” good is the visual support that conveys caring and respect for the teachers, administrators, and students–a foundational element for a productive and energetic learning environment.

Please let your team know we appreciate the excellent service that is provided–it shows that the Blade Runners team members care about schools and the community.

Thank you again for your support of public schools and the community in general.

Best Regards!

Parents, friends, neighbors of Oakton Elementary School

Excellent Spring Kick-off with Commonwealth Crossing HOA

Dear Shannon,
On behalf of the HOA, we want to say a huge thank you to the Blade-Runner crew and site manager, Gerson, for transforming our community just in time for spring! 
We were impressed by the crew’s overall quality of work and professionalism, especially their steady pace, attention to detail, and a clean neat site.
We got positive comments from several homeowners.
The great welcome to working with you is appreciated.
Melanie (President of HOA) & Bill Cline
Commonwealth Crossing HOA

Park Glen Heights HOA is “Incredibly Satisfied” with Blade Runners work

Eric and Raul –

Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding Park Glen Heights HOA. I know this is still a very new contract but I had a meeting with the Board President this morning and she just couldn’t say enough nice things about Blade Runners and the awesome work the crew has been doing in the association. The entire board and members of the community are incredibly satisfied with the work that has occurred this year and they feel that they definitely made the right decision on choosing you as the landscaping contract.

Just wanted to pass this along, as I know in this business, too often the only time emails are sent are when there are issues or problems or concerns. As a manager, I try to make sure I pass along “good emails” to vendors as well.

I hope the both of you have a great rest of the day!

Katie M. Kight, CMCA, AMS
Community Association Manager

Prince William County Center Owners Assn. Thanks Blade Runners for Community Spirit

On June 4, a commercial customer of Blade Runners, Prince William County Center Owners Association, held a Kids Community Party, near the swimming pool of their complex which have just repaired by the best services. continue here to learn more about this. The event included a moon bounce, DJ dance competitions, arts and crafts, and temporary tatoos. Blade Runners sponsored a KONA Tropical Shaved Ice truck–dispensing free shaved ice to everyone throughout the event.

PWCCOA June 4 2016 (5)

The Police were present at the party, allowing the kids to sit in the driver’s seat of the cruiser, flash the lights, work the sirens and horns, and speak on the loud speaker. After each child had their opportunity in the police cruiser, the officers gathered the children together to speak about the importance of safety in their lives.

PWCCOA June 4 2016 (3)

Blade Runners’ account manager for Prince William County Center, Karen Baer, was in attendance at the party. Several HOA board members and unit owners personally thanked her and Blade Runners for sponsoring the shaved ice truck and for having great community spirit.

PWCCOA June 4 2016 (9)

A very good time was had by all!!

“Fantastic Job” says Winter Hill Community

You and your crew have done a fantastic job — very professional and you certainly did not rush through your work. We are very pleased.
Dick McCall,President
Winter Hill Community Association

Compliments from Forest Hills HOA

Hi Terry,
I would like to pass along a compliment to all the Blade Runners workers who performed the edging, mulching and clean up service for Forest Hills of Fairfax Community on Wednesday, March 16, 2016.  The quality of work was excellent.  The edging and mulching look really good and all areas in the community were serviced.  Their work made a major improvement in the appearance of the community.
Drummond Taylor
Forest Hills HOA President


Dear Eric,

I just had a landscaping renewal completed at my home in the Stonehurst community.  Karen Baer responded to my request and met with me a few weeks ago. She gave me some excellent suggestions, and allowed me to pick and choose among a menu of projects I had in mind. I chose all by one! Karen was very easy to work with, highly professional, and knowledgeable about plants & placement.
The crew that performed the job was Yovany and Mauricio.  The men were very respectful, worked hard and consistently, and they left my property in spotless condition. I am so pleased by the work these men did at my house.
I am so happy with the plants, the trimming, the planning and the execution of the job at my home. I would recommend your company without hesitation, and I commend Karen, Jovani and Mauricio for the outstanding work they performed for me. I felt very respected by all of them and they communicated clearly with me throughout the process. Great job!

Thank you.
Laura Fall, Stonehurst Community resident


Compliments from Blessed Sacrament Church

Dear Blade Runners,

Your team of workers are exceptional and they do a great job for Blessed Sacrament Church. Thanks very much.

Denise Dauray, President

Kudos from Park Glen Heights HOA

Eric and Raul –
Just wanted to send you a quick note regarding Park Glen Heights HOA. I know this is still a very new contract but I had a meeting with the Board President this morning and she just couldn’t say enough nice things about Blade Runners and the awesome work the crew has been doing in the association. The entire board and members of the community are incredibly satisfied with the work that has occurred this year and they feel that they definitely made the right decision on choosing you as the landscaping contract.
I wanted to pass this along, as I know in this business, too often the only time emails are sent are when there are issues or problems or concerns. As a manager, I try to make sure I pass along “good emails” to vendors as well.
I hope the both of you have a great rest of the day!
Katie M. Kight, CMCA, AMS
Community Association Manager, Park Glen Heights HOA

Thanks to the Blade Runners crew from Mt. Woodley Manor community

Morning, Karen.
Wanted to let you know the Mt. Woodley community is looking GREAT thanks to your crew! Nice job on cutting back the nandena and lirropa.  Fresh mulch got put down on Friday and the huge bushes at the front entryway are cut way back and appear to be growing back nicely.  Just need to keep them at this reasonable size/height.
Many thanks for the work estimates. Regards…Angela
Angela Layman, President
Mt Woodley Manor HOA

Hillcrest Cluster HOA Thanks Blade Runners for Awesome Erosion/Drainage Project

Hi Terry –

I am writing on behalf of the Hillcrest Cluster board to say thank you for a very awesome job on our erosion/drainage renewal project. We are really pleased with everything, and anxiously await the grass germinating, the plants maturing, and the first downpour so we can see how well everything holds up ;-)

Thanks again to you and the crew for making sure our requirements were met and having done so in a timely fashion.

Laura Sharon, Manager
Hillcrest Cluster HOA


Danbury Forest HOA thanks Blade Runners for Job Well Done!

“I would like to thank you so very much for all of the time, effort, and support you especially have given us over the years and I hope we can continue the partnership onward. Blade Runners has truly helped Danbury Forest thrive and be a beautiful place to call home!
Thanks again…Mike…it has been a pleasure working with you, Eric, Johni and your staff.”

Jenni Hopkins
Danbury Forest Community HOA

HOA Appreciates Quick Response Time & Thorough Clean-Up

“Our HOA has a contract with your company. With the recent wind storms, we have had a lot of fallen small trees and LOTS of dead branches.  Terry and his crew were out here today and did a spectacular job!  Our community is so pleased with his (your) work.  We still have more work to do with the recent storms, but really appreciate Terry’s quick response.  Our HOA has worked with your company for several years for our annual contract, and people like Terry remind us of why we stay.  The clean up area looks great. Thank you, Terry, and thank you, Blade Runners.”

–From a satisfied Blade Runners HOA customer

Mt. Woodley HOA Praises Blade Runners for Great Communication Efforts

I just received my second “task posting” marked complete for the yard work done yesterday.  This is GREAT!   No more guessing as to what was done and when.  Many thanks for the notification and keep the postings coming!!!

Angela Layman, President

   Mt. Woodley Manor HOA

President of Forest Hills of Fairfax HOA Applauds Beautiful Landscaping Work


Hi Terry,


Thank you for the extra effort you and your workers took to make the landscaping at Forest Hills of Fairfax Community look really good for the Fun Run fund raiser for the Fairfax County Park Authority held in the community common area on 7 June 2014.  The community looked the best ever.  The Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and numerous other participants in the fun run commented on how good the community looked. 


Please pass the thank you along to the workers who were here on 6 June and performed the hands on work.




Drummond Taylor

President, Forest Hills of Fairfax Homeowner’s Association

Sudley Village Commends Tree Removal Denver CO Service

The goal of Tree Removal Denver CO is to provide a healthy lawn with a low weed population. Healthy green fescue lawns improve the appearance and enhance the value of a property. Healthy lawns also provide significant environmental benefits.

The lawn treatment (lawn care) industry is huge in the United States and for good reason. Lawn care programs, for example like my lawn care lawn mowing Brisbane suggests, are generally inexpensive and work very well. Lawns left untreated will quickly be overrun with weeds and turf will eventually disappear. Evidence of this can be seen on roadsides and unmaintained areas at public schools.
Establish a cultural practice: Make sure your mowing provider cuts fescue no lower than 3.5”. The mower blade must be sharp. One way to ensure no injury occurs during this task is to wear a proper pair of knee pads for work. Wearing adequate protection around vital body areas like knees always helps in the long run.. Consider an irrigation system for the maintained area.

Step 3: Decide on fertilizer: Too often, the quality and amount of annual fertilization is overlooked and not watched. This could be the most important element of your program. Poor fertility means poor grass, more weeds, and more chemicals. It is also an area where contractors cut corners. There are 100% organic fertilizers but Blade Runners does not recommend them. The nitrogen is not stable and tends to release all at one time. Much of this drains from the property into the Chesapeake watershed. It is important to have a large slow-release component in the fertilizer. This can be a blend of organic and traditional nitrogen product. The slow release will feed the turf slowly, remain in the soil profile, and not leach into the sewer.

Step 4: Decide on seeding: Make sure that full core aeration of the property and seeding is part of the program.
Sudley Village!
I’m sure you appreciate hearing when you do a GREAT job, too!

Sudley Village HOA   Manassas, VA



Brittany Parc Says Blade Runners Excels at Customer Service

I do appreciate your efforts this past year and indulging the board members by hearing their concerns and addressing them. This goes a long way in keeping them happy customers. That is one area that I think B.R. excels at – you and your staff are always willing to give your time and attention to the customer and quickly respond to their concerns. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

Carol Stirner, Manager
Brittany Parc HOA

Quality Lawn Maintenance Applauded by First Choice Park

Eric and Mike,

I told your crew yesterday that working here, that I was going to call
you, but decided an email to both of you would be better.
I thanked them for the good job they are doing here and wanted you also
to know that we appreciate their efficiency and conscientiousness. They
are doing a very good job.
They certainly are good employees for your firm.

Jack Arnold
1st Choice Park, 8300 Arlington Blvd.

Marriott Courtyard Fairfax Fair Oaks Thrilled with Grounds Maintenance

Courtyard by Marriott Fairfax Fair Oaks Blade Runners was pleased to hear from Ross Davis, General Manager, Courtyard Marriott Fairfax Fair Oaks.  He commented patrons loved the Curb Appeal of the property.  Additionally, Regional Marriott management were very complementary and thought the property looked great.  Always a pleasure for Blade Runners to do business with clients who demand quality grounds maintenance.

President of Cedar Grove Fairfax Praises Work Ethics of Grounds Maintenance Service.

Hello Eric,

I am the president of the home owners association at Cedar Grove in Fairfax and I wanted to pass on to you the fact that we have been very pleased with the work ethic that we have seen so far. This is true in particular with Mike Dollard. There have been a few times when there have been glitches in one thing or another, I do understand that sometimes things can go wrong but what is important is the manner in which they are resolved. There has not been a time so far that Mike has not moved very quickly to resolve any problems we have had. This hasn’t been our experience in the past and it speaks volumes about we can rely on the service we now have. Mike has always responded to any of our inquiries in a timely and efficient way. We are grateful to have him as our point of contact with Blade-Runners. As things stand at the moment we look forward to having your services in our future.
Gail Conley
Cedar Grove, Fairfax, VA

Excellent Service received from West Village of Shirlington

Blade-Runners performs a very good service here and their crews have gone
over and above several times to help our residents.

I’ve copied the President of Blade-Runners and again, thank you.

Please let me know when the repairs are completed.

Tiger Keathley, AMS
Interim General Manager
West Village of Shirlington, An Associa Managed Community
4161 South Four Mile Run, Unit 101
Arlington, VA  22204
703-271-5488 phone
703-271-2688 fax

Lawn Care Chemical Concerns Eased by Knowledgeable Staff

I just wanted to praise the efforts of Rosa, who answered my inquiry regarding weed control spraying occurring in my HOA community of Beauregard Manor. I have young children and pets, so I called the number on the sign placed in our community notifying us of the application and left a couple detailed messages with our account manager. Since it was a Friday, I was concerned when I did not receive a call back after leaving a morning and afternoon messages with our account person, Raoul Chavez. So, I called the main line. Rosa was apologetic and fantastic- even tracking down the person who knew more information on the application used. I just want to be sure and let you know when one of your employees does right. Thank you to Rosa! I tried to mention this to Raoul, but for some reason, our phone call connection ended abruptly. Thank you!

Seminary Walk thrilled with HOA landscaping!

I just want to thank you. I have never seen the property looking so nice. This morning a resident in 206 happily shared his opinion of the courtyard near my office. He said “I have never seen the courtyard in all the years I have lived here, looking as good as it does now.” I thanked him for saying so and told him that Bladerunners are our new landscapers. He said he had already known Bladerunners Inc. because his brother was in the business also.

I have introduced my self to your crew chief (Rodas I believe?) and some of the other guys. Eric, I want you know how impressed I am with their work so far. I am also excited to see the subtle but important care the guys take in their work i.e., shaving-off and or removing the old mulch “humps” that have accumulated over the years, the perfectly cut mulch beds and the quality of the mulch in general. Great work, keep the foot on the gas. I love it.


Thank you, Kevin.

Maintenance Manger

At Seminary Walk


HOA Providence Park pleased with Blade Runners Mulching

Just wanted to let you know that I feel your crew did an outstanding job on the mulch this past week!!  They did a nice job edging the beds, cleaning up the old mulch, and putting fresh mulch down.  The black mulch really looks nice and it was a good suggestion you and your team had.   Great Job!! Cheers, James C. Brett

Townes of Waterford HOA praises Blade Runners Snow Removal Services and Magic Salt

We have been very happy with the Bladerunner’s snow removal service (and all of their service for that matter). They are always rapid to clear the road during any storm. We never seem to wait for them to show up and I can’t think of any time in the last 8 years that I have lived here where I have felt stranded because they haven’t started to plow. One of the great services they offer is to send email notifications before, during, and after a snow event telling you their plan and giving you the opportunity to decline or add services (examples attached). The Board gets the notices and then we post them to our website, or you can forward it to the cluster (I would remove the bladerunners contact info so you don’t have a bunch of homeowner’s contacting them directly). When there is a snow event it seems everyone at Bladerunners is committed to it, right down to the President as most of the notices come from him.

One of the “extra services” that we have to add from time to time is for a front end loader to remove the snow piled up in the 14 visitor spaces or the mounds of snow from large accumulations. The basic service only covers a plow coming through and pushing the snow into piles. If there is a 6+ inch event, there is only so many places you can push snow before it begins to block edges of the roadway, corners, and general parking areas. The only way to get these areas cleared is with a front end loader and smaller Bobcats. When you order this service there is an extra fee which is by the hour but worth it.

There are really never any complaints about their service. One year someone that lives on a corner complained that when the truck came by there was too much left in front of her driveway which was made with the better materials from She lives on a corner that is hard to get and since then they always get closer to her driveway. She complains about everything and hasn’t complained about this in the past 3 years so that is a good sign. Also the Magic Salt does appear to work as the road is never slippery.

I am sure you can find cheaper alternatives; however, I don’t think you will find anyone as thorough, reliable, and RAPID. The last thing I would want to do is change services and then find out 12 hours into a snowstorm that they don’t do snow removal anymore, or their ONE truck has broken down. Good luck in your search!

Jack MacNeil


Towns Of Waterford Hoa

Reston VA

Legum & Norman Praises Blade Runners Landscape for their “Going Green” Efforts.

Dear Manaager, Heights of Penderbrook:

Glad you mentioned BladeRunners. They are included in our landscaping bidding process. How is your experience with them?

They do a good job and very knowledgeable in the field. I would definitely consider them if your Board is looking for a landscaping company concentrating on going green, in regards to the environment. BladeRunner are on the cutting edge on this movement. Even their grounds men are wearing blue shirts with the “going green logo” so in short they have my endorsement.

Derrick Springfield

Site Manager

Legum & Norman, Inc.

An Associa® Member Company

Blade Runners Landscape is “Perfect” says a Resident from Chancery Square HOA in Woodbridge


Blade Runners have been here all morning. I have been outside since 9:00 working on a patio and side garden project so I had an opportunity to observe the workers. Here is my assessment: Perfect. There is not a leaf on the property and these young men work very hard. I even asked them to be careful not to blow towards my garden and they were extremely respectful and courteous. From my perspective, Blade Runners hit a home run today.”

Chancery Square Resident

A Post-Hurricane Irene Thanks to Blade Runners Lawncare from Stonehurst I of Fairfax


Please give your mowing crew a big thanks from SHA (Stonehurst Homeowners Association). The grounds look awesome! There were loads of small twigs, broken branches and leaves all over the neighborhood- looked like a hurricane had come through our neighborhood. LOL So make sure they get our thanks- they just left now-7pm-

Mary Foster
Stonehurst Homeowners Association

Oakton Manor Praises Blade Runners Landscape Customer Service

I have thoroughly appreciated Blade Runner’s service to our community, both in landscaping and snow removal. Your customer service has been impeccable and consistent. As an example, last week I was pruning my next door neighbor’s front yard tree for her. One of your crews arrived to perform a mowing and before I had to ask, one of your men came over to me and asked me to pile the branches in the street so that they could remove them. That is customer service.

Thanks again for the great work you do to keep Oak Manor looking well-maintained.

Best regards,

M. Russ

Board of Directors

Glen II HOA in Lake Ridge, VA looks forward to working with Blade Runners Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Company

“I have to tell you, your team is very impressive as is the excellent customer service you’re providing! Thanks so much and looking forward to working with Blade Runners more in the future!”

Sabrina Barnhart

Board President


Lake Ridge, VA

Sycamore Ridge Condo Association of Arlington Praises Blade Runners Lawn Care E-mail Notification System

Dear Eric,

Your e-mail notifications are among the Blade Runners features I most treasure, after you, Mike, Raul and our several crews. Your e-mail notices help me monitor our contract, and I want them to continue to enter my mailbox. Previously, Elaine Ely was my colleague on the Grounds Committee, but she quit a few years ago, so she does not need to receive your notices anymore. I think I asked Raul to cancel e-mails to her sometime last year, and it appeared that had happened. So if you can pick up from there, that would be good. Otherwise, leave me on your list and delete Elaine. She still cares, but she has chosen not to be involved on the “responsible” level, so she should be off the list.

I also hope you got your billing situation straightened out. For the first three 2011 payments, you billed Sycamore Ridge Condo Association at the 2010 rate. We have since paid the arrearage, so I hope billing is now on track too.

Not that it matters, but I got two of the appended e-mails from you. Identical. I just thought you’d want to know.

Jo Allen

President, Sycamore Ridge Condominium Association

Oak Manor HOA of Oakton VA Compliments Blade Runners Landscaping


I want you to know that I am getting nothing but compliments from our residents about the landscaping work. Even the biggest complainer in the HOA began his latest whine with the qualifier that “the common area looks much better.”

I know first-hand from my own career that quality service delivery doesn’t “just happen.” It takes a lot of hands-on supervision and attention to details. We appreciate very much the successful efforts your company is making to keep our neighbor looking first class.

BTW, we are having our first social event of the season this Sunday starting at 5 PM. It is a very informal wine party at the gazebo with some snacks. I don’t want to impose on your weekend, but if you and/or Mike want to stop by with your wives and meet some of our residents then you are most welcome to do so.

Thanks much,

Merle Russ

 President and Grounds Chairman Oak Manor HOA

Hawthorne Village of Fairfax Gives Blade Runners Commercial Landscape Rave Review


The guys who will here to clean up, weed and mulch did a wonderful job. I am amazed how many people called and complimented the work. I am excited that this property will finally start looking it’s best.

Ron Crigger

Hawthorne Village

Fairfax VA

Duke Street HOA of Alexandria is Happy with Lawn Care Service from Blade Runners!

It’s been a great move for the community


I just wanted to tell you that Duke Street is extremely happy with the service that your company provides.  They are always very complimentary and it has been a great move for the community.

 James Hawkins
 Portfolio Manager
 Duke Street Square

Annandale United Methodist Church has a nice comment about Blade Runners Landscape Services

Eric and Mike,
My term as a trustee at the church has ended and I’m off to a different committee. I want to thank you two, your crew foremen and employees (both on the grounds and in the office) for the great work you’ve done on behalf of our church this year. Your grounds crew has been diligent, careful and thorough. You two and your office personnel have been patient and responsive to all our questions and needs.
The most frequent thing I’ve heard this year is “the grounds have never looked better.” To many, this is holy ground and your crews have treated it as such.
Thanks for everything,
Mark Pearson
Vice chairman / Board of Trustees
Annandale United Methodist Church

Sycamore Ridge Condo Association in Arlingtion compliments Blade Runners exceptional Grounds Maintenance Service

Dear Raul and Eric,

Your L2 crew, led by Carlos, did an outstanding job today at Sycamore Ridge Condominium Association in Arlington. They were fast, hard-working and thorough. I’m delighted with the results and hope you will assign L2 here again in the future. Carlos really knows our property now, and he avoids all the pitfalls while doing the work that needs to be done. I’m very grateful.
Sincerely yours,
Jo Allen
President, Sycamore Ridge Condominium Association
6264 15th Place North
Arlington, VA 22205

Cambridge Station in Fairfax Virginia compliments Blade Runners Tree Care, Clean-Up and Grounds Maintenance Services

Dear Mike and Eric

I wanted to let you know that at the board meeting Thursday night, a few of the directors said that they and other residents had noticed what a great job the crew did recently on a couple of services. 

1)     They wanted to compliment the shrub shearing, especially the meticulous clean-up.  I even saw no traces of missed clippings as I walked to work on Friday. 

2)      Second, they complimented the look of the leaf mulch.  It stays in place better and is thinner for less build up.  We would like to go with that at each mulching if possible.

3)      They mentioned the general appearance of the neighborhood as excellent.  We had some die-hard believers in our previous service, but even they are saying they are very pleased with the overall appearance of the grounds. 

Thanks so much for making us look good! 

Shelley Vance

President ,Cambridge Station

McNair Farms in Herndon and Property Manager Ingrid Ketterman compliments Blade Runners hardworking Grounds Maintenance staff

I wanted to thank you for your service.  So far, the landscape looks wonderful and the guys are very fast at responding to my calls and emails.  Sometimes it’s scary how fast they respond!  I will call them, and literally 10 minutes their in my office assisting me.  I do hope the guys keep up the hard-work.
Happy Memorial Day!
Ingrid Ketterman
Community Manager
Capitol Property Management
(Phone) 703-713-6111
(Fax) 703-713-6164

Byron Knight of Ivy Square association in Vienna has some kind words for Blade Runners Landscape

You folks have done excellent work, both for the Association and for me personally (my back yard is beautiful!).
Thanks to you.

Byron F. Knight

Church Of Christ in Falls Church compliments Blade Runners excellent Grounds Maintenance Service

Thank you Eric for the direct line phone numbers. Yes they will be very helpful. I want you to know that I again received some wonderful comments about the lush green beautiful lawn we now have at our Falls Church, Church of Christ. I tell them that Blade-Runners deserves all the credit (pats on the back) for the excellent condition of our property. So many cudo’s Blade-Runners folks.

Sincerely thankful,

Kevin Thie J

Annandale United Methodist Church is a new client of Blade Runners Landscape Company

Thank you Eric.

Your company and staff live up to your motto: “Always with quality and courtesy.” We are very impressed with the people who have been working at Annandale Unitied. Thank them very much for us. —