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Client Comments on Blade Runners Proactive Snow Alerts

Thank you so very much for keeping us informed…We have lived in POW community since its’ inception in 1972/73 and you have been the best..! 

Maury G – Board Member

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Carriage Park Condo Assn. Praises Blade Runners for Snow Removal Work

1-14-2019 11-19-18 AM

Long-time Client Comments on Snow Alert Service Offered by Blade Runners!

Hello Eric & Shannon,

Thank you for your “SNOW” related property services update, as we experienced our mid-November Nor’easter storm. As you have stated, with the temps remaining above freezing overnight, I don’t think we will need to do any sidewalk shoveling or parking lot treatments for icy conditions of the new life landscaping. We are fortunate to have had this storm on Thursday morning instead of Friday or Saturday.

 Thank you for keeping our Church of Christ congregation in the SNOW notification alert loop.

 We’re sincerely grateful to have Blade Runner’s Inc. on the job for our Church of Christ Falls Church congregation.

 Many thanks gentlemen,

Treebrooke Condo Association says “Job Well Done” for Snow Removal

Good Morning.
Just wanted you to know that I received numerous positive complements for your snow event crew that handled Treebrooke. One went so far as to comment “it’s the best I’ve seen in 14 years.”
Again, thanks for the job well done.

Jim McCarthy, President
Treebrooke Condominium Association




Blade Runners Receives Customer Gratitude from Stonehurst HOA Residents

Thank you for sending the snow removal updates from Blade Runners. I want you to know, as my wife and I sat comfortably in our warm home last night and watched the snow fall, we were amazed by the Blade Runners’ crew, diligently plowing the streets, snowblowing the sidewalks and most notably hand shoveling the walks, individual walkways and porches late into the night. I was surprised by their most recent update, essentially apologizing for their ‘lack’ of response today. I hope I can speak for the majority of the neighborhood when I say we aren’t disappointed but rather satisfied by their continued efforts battling this historic blizzard. Even with their perceived shortcomings, our neighborhood is likely in better condition currently than most of the DC area will be in the next couple days thanks to their backbreaking work… we know it’s mostly a thankless job, but we want you to know we notice their efforts and are thankful for the tough job they do. Please extend our gratitude to Blade Runners and their crew.”
Patrick and Colleen McCarthy 
Stonehurst HOA residents 

Westcove Cluster Says “Phenomenal” Job by Blade Runners During Blizzard

Westcove Cluster uses Blade Runners; they have always been on top of our plowing and did a phenomenal job during the recent snow event.

John Schaller
Westcove Cluster President

Blade Runners’ Tireless Efforts Recognized by Ashley Court Cluster

Ashley Court Cluster in North Reston would like to add our voices to those applauding the job you have done thus far under extremely difficult conditions.  I have received many emails and verbal comments from cluster residents asking me to forward on to you our sincere thanks.  Please let our plow driver know that his tireless efforts and good humor have been recognized by the neighborhood at large and are much appreciated.  We, like all of you, look forward to this all being behind us.

   With sincere thanks,
   Ashley Court Cluster Board of Directors

Compliments from Briarwood Condominiums for Snow Removal

“I think you all did a great job at Briarwood Condos. Great job in the parking lot and an unbelievably great job at 4:30 am getting our side walks done. Thank you so much!”

   Susan Claflin,VP
   Briarwood Court Condos HOA


Blade Runners handles both snow removal and landscaping for us.  We have a good relationship, and they are responsive to our needs.  Our on-going relationship with Blade Runners has been an asset to Hunters Square.

Dave Crocker
VP, Hunters Square HOA

Pavilions Cluster Thanks Blade Runners for Diligent Work during Blizzard 2016

My name is Janine Leete and I am president of the Pavilions Cluster in north Reston, a community of 34 single family homes. Many thanks for the on-going progress updates. I have been able to share the information with the residents and that has gone a long way toward managing expectations. Several residents have e-mailed me and asked me to pass on their compliments to Blade Runners and the plow operators. We in the Pavilions have been quite impressed with the service. Somehow the driver(s) assigned to our little neighborhood managed to keep an open lane throughout almost the entire storm. We don’t know how they did it but we are grateful. Having heard from other cluster presidents who have contracts with other companies and have yet to even see a plow, I realize just how lucky we are.  Our thanks to the driver or drivers who worked our property on Friday and Saturday. Their diligence and hard work is appreciated.


   Janine Leete, President
   Pavilions Cluster HOA

A Big Thank You from Chancery Square HOA

We saw your most recent report and hope you know that we are very grateful for your great service.  Please do not think that we believe anything different.  We know your crews are operating in extraordinary conditions.  The most important thing is the safety of you and your crews.  Please have them get some rest. The storm will pass.  We will dig out.  If it takes a couple of days, so what?  Please assure your crews that we appreciate all they have done.  There is an emergency lane in our community if we needed it. That is all we need.  Everything else will dig out, when you can. Please take heart that we believe you have done great work in terrible conditions with a storm that we will all remember for many years to come.

W Morris
Board member of the Chancery Square Homeowners’ Board
Fairfax, VA

Little River Mews HOA Applauds Blade Runners for Snow Removal Efforts during 2016 Blizzard

On behalf of the residents of The Mews, I would like to thank Blade Runners for all their hard work during the blizzard this past weekend.  Our parking lot was kept passable through Saturday and the plow driver that came through yesterday was incredibly thorough.  We really appreciate the efforts and ability of your team to handle such a heavy snow accumulation.  

   Thank you,
   Kristin Newett
   Little River Mews HOA

BIG thanks from Hawthorne Village Condos

BEYOND impressed with the quick response. I need more vendors like you.
I can’t thank you enough for your truly amazing customer service.

Thank you and kind regards.

Claudia Bender
Community Manager
Sentry Management
Hawthorne Village Condominiums

Snow Removal Service Makes Providence Park HOA a Satisfied Customer


Your team has done an outstanding job cleaning up all the snow this year!! They have also done a great job cleaning up the sidewalks.  I know it must be pretty hard juggling all the areas you have to clear up.  Take care and thanks again.  Cheers.

James C. Brett, President

Providence Park HOA


Hillcrest Cluster HOA Cheers Blade Runners for Great Snow Removal Service

Hi Eric.
Just wanted to let you know Blade Runners has done a great job with the snow removal in Hillcrest Cluster this winter. We are receiving feedback from residents saying thank you, and I wanted to let you know we have been very pleased with our service.

Thanks so much from your friendly neighborhood Hillcrest Cluster Board

To Salt or Not to Salt

This is a note to thank you for your good judgement in not spreading salt on our roads the evening of 3/6/13, in view of the weather developments.  I’m sure that these are tough decisions and I want to compliment you on your decision-making.  McLean Mews are most appreciative!  Bill Grove McClean Mews

Stonehurst IV Community Association of Fairfax tries Magic Salt Snow Melt for 1st time

We are a small homeowner community serviced by Blade Runners. This past winter we were asked to try a new de-icer compound called Magic Salt. We were impressed with the treatment on our roads and sidewalks. It was a very effective first treatment and continued to provide a level of protection after the initial covering of snow was removed. It does not appear to have stained streets or resulted in any damage to grass areas adjacent to our sidewalks. We would recommend its use to others looking for an effective de-icer treatment for roads and/or sidewalks.


Paul Antsen

Stonehurst IV Community Association

Fairfax, VA

Stonehurst HOA of Fairfax Happy with Magic Salt Snow Melt

The Stonehurst Homeowners Association has used Magic Salt to assist in removing snow and ice from our streets and sidewalks last winter. We have found Magic Salt significantly improved the removal of snow and ice from our sidewalks and prevented ice accumulation from melting snow. The plowing of our streets was also enhanced when Magic Salt was used in treating the streets before the snow began to fall. We are very pleased with the improvement we achieved by using Magic Salt in lieu of other deicing materials. Most importantly, Magic Salt provided protection on our new sidewalks from spoliation as compared to deicing materials we used in the past.

Robert Peter


Stonehurst Homewoners Association

Bannockburn HOA in Chantilly likes Blade Runners Snow Service

Please share with your crews the fact that Bannockburn is very happy with your snow service so far this year.
A happy client is a nice thing, indeed.
Thanks for making my job easier.
Nancy W. O’Connell, AMS
Senior Community Manager
Service First Management & Consulting, Inc.
12084 Cadet Court
Manassas, Va. 20109
Office: 703-392-6006 x205
Facsimile: 703-392–5039

First Ballston Board of Arlington writes a note about the Blade Runners Snow Plan for the Blizzard of 2010

This note was on a handwritten card and we had to share it with you:

Eric and Blade Runners,

A heartfelt thanks on behalf of the First Ballston Commons Community for your conscientious and diligent snow removal efforts this winter. We appreciate that this has been a particularly trying season and despite it all we have recived excellent, proactive service and many unexpected personal gestures. Keep up the great work , best wishes for a happy , healthy 2010.


Darcey Bennett and the First Ballston Board.

A.J Dwoskin, Carol Holder says Blade Runners snow service and prices are the best!

These last few years with the varying snow levels proved one thing to us. You all are setting the standard for snow plowing at all of our properties. It’s done right, it’s done timely, and at the best cost of all our contractors! Sometimes we have snow plowers that start plowing early, over treat, and in general run up the expenses – upon comparative analysis we always see Blade Runners as the most cost effective quality snow plow company. When you send the snow and weather alerts I actually use your guidelines to manage our other contractors.

Not to forget the communications! The email service announcements provide me with .almost real-time info on what is happening on the property and how much attention is being devoted to each, especially by the supervisors. Work on site is done to a ‘t’ just as we outlined and wanted throughout the landscaping year. Extra work is done promptly and the sites look great.

Thanks again – and we do hope to work with you and Blade Runners more in the future!

Carol L. Holder, CPM
Vice President, Office and Retail Management
A. J. Dwoskin and Associates, Inc.