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Blade Runners Snow Improvement

Blade Runners has taken the following steps to improve our ability to meet the demands of extreme events.

Purchase of additional heavy equipment:

By far our biggest challenge was the amount and availability of heavy equipment.  Blade Runners has since purchased 8 additional loaders

Loader Line up

In addition we have invested in 15 “Kage” Box/plow attachments. Please see the video below for further details.

Introduction of staging service:

We now offer a service that stages the new Box/Plow loader on the site for moderate events. This will insure immediate attention in heavy events for the future. Our clients have asked what can be done to insure faster service and this is the answer.

Reduction in the snow work load:

We found the largest jobs created the most scheduling havoc.  The quantity of snow created an exponential challenge. We have eliminated poorly located work of this type, and will be very careful to get a high service commitment from these properties in the future.

It is our feeling that these improvements will significantly improve our snow removal performance.


Blade Runners is in a position to provide Totes and Buckets filled with Ice B’Gone Magic Salt. We offer a service where the items are placed on your property at the start of the season, replenished as the season progresses, and removed/stored for the next season.

We have found our clients like to have this on hand to deal with specific problems. It can save you money from calling us out for very small service items. 

Tote Pix 3

Please contact us if you would like a plan for this service.


Concrete Damage and De-Icing Products…What are the answers?

Concrete walkway repair is an important element in the maintenance of your property, the Denver mudjacking service is designed to restore rather than replace, their solutions are functional for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  Property Managers must scrimp, save, and otherwise plan for this work.  Below find some information Blade Runners feels is important to achieve success.


It is no secret that all saline based ice control products are a threat to concrete surface. Property managers must strike a balance between the safety benefits and potential damage. Blade Runners uses Ice B’gone Magic Salt that is easily the safest product in the industry. With that said, there are some important steps to be taken with new concrete installations.

Spalling 2


Hire the right contractor:  There are many corners that can be cut with this service. Regardless of the price, you should make sure that the chosen contractor fully understands the procedures and standards. Please see the video below that talks about the basics. It is important that the terminology is contained in your bid specifications.

In addition the American Concrete Institute (ACI) has a resource for further information (item 301-10,Specifications of Structural Concrete).                                                                            
  Apply a penetrating sealer (Silane, Siloxane, or Silicate):  This should be applied after the installation and the following year after installation. This will reduce the water penetration and protect the freeze thaw cycles that spall the concrete.

Sealing 2

See a list of products below (there may be others)

Pressure wash: It is important to remove any salt residue at the close of the season.

Mark areas: Place markers in areas to avoid ice control application.

Repair: With or without these efforts, spalling can occur. See the video below that discusses how to make a repair.


Learn how to use the MIG welder for home repair needs.

Blade Runners and Magic Salt are Making Television News!

BLADE RUNNERS is the only contractor in the Washington, DC region to use MAGIC SALT. There are countless reasons to make use of this product…BUT…don’t believe us!  See what 8 different national news television stations are saying about it.

Click on the images below to our MAGIC SALT video website

eyewtness graphic

Blade Runners wonders… Do you believe in Magic Salt?

Do You Believe in Magic?

Here at Blade Runners,  MAGIC is our best friend during the cold and snowy wintry season… MAGIC SALT that is.

2-18-2014 11-03-12 AM

MAGIC SALT is a highly efficient solid granular de-icer effective down to temperatures reaching -35. It can burn off up to 1-2″ if snow with NO plowing AND sustains a residual effect lasting longer than ordinary de-icers.

edited photo 3

MAGIC SALT is the only product of this kind recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for being biodegradable, less corrosive for machinery and concrete, AND, most importantly, safe for people, pets, and plants.  Blade Runners cares about YOU–your family and pets, your home, and your environment. This is why MAGIC SALT is the singular product used by Blade Runners for snow and ice removal.  These photos are a testament to the effectiveness and success of MAGIC SALT .  

We have MAGIC to do…join us!      

Snow Bulletin 12/18/2009

The biggest December storm in 25 years is upon us. In preparation for this, please find attached our snow bulletin.
This quick read talks about the manner in which we deliver our service. It addresses the most common questions and concerns of our clients.
Many of the concepts are shared by all snow removal contractors.
Please take a moment to review this and feel free to share with other tenants, residents, and contractors.


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