Blade Runners Leaf Removal Strategy

PROCEDURE: During the months of October, November, and December with each leaf cleanup date, our mowing crews will be using mulching blades to chop up the leaves and return this rich source of organic material to the soil. Crews will also mulch leaves along the perimeter of the property and deposit the chopped up debris along the edge of the woods. However, under no circumstance, are they to create large piles in the woods. In areas where there are heavy accumulations of leaves, the leaves will be collected with blowers, push screens, rakes, and carrier pigeons. The crews will assemble piles throughout the parking areas of the property to be removed at a later time. Generally, a vacuum truck is scheduled to come by the next day to remove these piles. For larger properties or those that are finished late in the day, it is NOT possible to assemble the leaves and vacuum them the same day.

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TIMING:  Most of you have two cleanups and our goal is to complete the first one before Nov. 30 and the final one before Dec 31.  For clients with one cleanup, you will be scheduled in Dec. after most of the leaves have fallen.  It is important to note that mulch beds will be cleaned with the final Dec. visit.  November cleanups will be limited to turf areas only.  This can be a source of confusion for people unfamiliar with the contract, fortunately we are working with an field service scheduling software, which improves our logistics performance, so work times shouldn’t meet any kind of inconveniences or delays. 

We will be removing tons and tons of leaves in the next couple of months. It is a very dirty and labor intensive effort. The crew will generate dust and debris during the course of this work and this debris may land on vehicles that remain in the parking lot. We work around these vehicles as best we can and even try to blow the debris off of vehicles. For some people, a single leaf or coating of dust on their car is unacceptable. In those instances, I would suggest these owners remove their car from the parking lot when we perform the leaf removal service. You can take the help of car lift dealers to move your cars. You will need to get in touch with me for an estimate of the scheduled date.  If you have any questions or want to discuss further please contact me.

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