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Blade Runners Proper Pruning for the Pragmatic Practitioner

Proper Pruning for the Pragmatic Practitioner

Your landscape is infinitely tied to your property value. The proper pruning of your trees and bushes will promote the longevity of your plants, reduce diseases and create the aesthetic look you desire. How do you plan for pruning? What type of pruning is important? What type of pruning is included in my grounds maintenance contract?

Most grounds contracts include hazard style pruning. It is impossible to anticipate every pruning need when bidding your grounds contract so out of convenience contractors offer an entry level of pruning often times called hazard pruning. This is nothing more than elevation pruning of branches to provide overhead clearance above walkways and pruning around street signs and street lights to avoid obstruction of these items. Although this service is a good start there are many more pruning needs throughout your property that should be addressed.

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