The homeowner at 11804 Rockaway (a board member) loves the new pavers and rocks next to the driveway. They look great! The crew did a very neat job and from what I can see it all looks even and level. Nice job! 

I wanted to share the good news!

Hello Shannon,
Your tree removal crew gets a 10+ rating for  the work they did here removing one dead tree and one VERY large Cypress.   Because the Cypress was so large and on a hill, this was far from a simple job.
Several of the homeowners closest to that tree have commented positively to me on the crew’s process and attention to detail. 
Orderly, methodical, careful — and pleasant.   One homeowner said they never left any debris mess at the end of the day.  For one example, branches scheduled to be picked up the next day were lined up very neatly along the property edge. 

Please thank your crew for all their hard work, especially on afternoons that were in the 90s.

We could not have asked for a better job done.   Thank you!

BMHA Landscaping Committee

Learn more about some of the equipment that the Blade Runners Tree Department uses that makes use better!


Good morning- 

The crew that took down the tree yesterday and has been here this morning to clear away the branches- can’t say enough how impressed I have been.

And grateful for how carefully they removed the globe and light bulb from the lampost and put them back and cleaned even as the storm was starting! 


The crew finished work today and did a very nice job.  All instructions were followed.  Please thank the crew for their good efforts.


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