Hi Ingrid, just my 2 cents but I think blade runner did an amazingly good cleaning job after Mondays storm. On Tuesday they got all of the parking lots and walkways cleared of packed snow that had turned into solid ice. Even from oronoco to the walking path. I really appreciate it! 

Employees of Blade Runners Snow Central

I just read your update on Snow Alert and I am sending this to let you know that your staff is ALWAYS attentive to those of us who live in the Wethersfield Cluster in Reston, and there SHOULD BE absolutely NO complaint about your situation.  You provide wonderful service to us and while there is always a complainer in the mob, please be assured that if we have to be adults and understand your predicament, then we just smile and thank you for keeping us informed.  Thank you, and please be very careful as you work through this snow storm.

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