At this time of year, it is especially important to express ones appreciation for positive things in our lives. 

Throughout the years that Blade Runners has managed the grounds at Chancery Square, the crew assigned to us has been wonderful.  They are so hard working and meticulous in their work.  I can honestly say, in the autumn when they tidy up our leaves and leave the property, there is not one leaf on the ground!

The crew is also very polite and courteous.  Whether blowing leaves or cutting the grass, when a person or car passes buy, they turn off their machines and flag people forward to ensure they are not bothered by any debris.  So thoughtful of the crew.  I always enjoy waving at them as I pass and receiving a big smiles return.

Please pass on to the crew our appreciation for taking such good care of our beautiful Chancery Square. 

Sending my very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy 2022 to our crew and everyone at Blade Runners.


Jeanie …

ACC Chairperson


That is correct. Looking forward to continuing our relationship. Our neighborhood has been extremely happy with your services.


Hi Shannon,

Attached are the pertinent 2-pages for the 2022 Contract Renewal, which includes snow removal for this winter season.

Fr. Kelly and I are very pleased with the work performed at our location by your team. 

Thank you,


Business Manager

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