Just letting you know the grounds crew did a fantastic job with the leaf cleanup this year.  Everything looks good, well more leaves now of course, but they did a great job getting leaves out of everything.

Also, do you all do snow removal?  If so, can you send me some information on that?  If not, know any outfits who might be interested in working out an arrangement with the HOA here?

Thanks again,


*Learn more about our leaf removal process vs. mowing here – https://www.blade-runners.com/leaf-faq/

** We produced a video, to help you understand the process we train on and use – https://www.blade-runners.com/leaf/ 

All, I just want to commend the crew for the level of workmanship I observed today.  Maureen happen to hear and see them working and grab me and we went over.  Knocked on a few doors to get cars relocated and out of harm’s way.   I drove over at dusk and was amazed at how much light you could still see in that area.   It looks altogether new!!

Karen, please pass on that I was extremely pleased and appreciative with their level of work. And thank you for expediting the request and at no additional cost to the community.  It’s great to have you on board. 
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