Eric & Lanelle –

I just wanted to send a quick thank you and give a virtual pat on the back for another great job well done at… Condos in Dale City.  As you may agree, its tough sometimes to hear more complaints than compliments.  So when I have something positive to share, I make it a point to do so!

Once again, unsolicited, I received multiple compliments about the work done by Blade Runners over the past week, in getting and keeping the driving and walking surfaces clear, at Hampton Square Condos in Dale City.  During this same storm, I heard complaints from a number of communities – it was a complicated storm to deal with and once again, Blade Runners has come through for us. 

I hope that you enjoy your weekend and that the predicted Sunday snow stays away!

Stay warm and safe,


… Ballston HOA ,  Your guys are doing a great job clearing the walks and I’ll spread some Ice B’gone this evening.  Thanks for your crews work.

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