Hi –
I am the new property manager over at… Condos in Dale City. I wanted to be sure that you updated your files and contact information.
I had a board meeting last week and wanted to let you know that in the midst of a long and sometimes slightly contentious meeting, there was a point when I asked about the snow from last week and if there was any feedback that I could give to you, our contractors. I have NEVER heard a group of board members and homeowners so universally sing the praises of ANY contractor. They all agreed that it was “the best snow service we ever had” that Blade Runners “made a huge difference because the next day when other places were refreezing, our driveways and roads were clear.” They thanked you for putting the salt/deicer on the driveways.

I don’t know who my direct contact is with your company – but please do pass along A COMPLIMENT! With my thanks for helping me to look good!
Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and keep up the great work!
Kris  Community Manager – Associa Select Community Services

**See the product we use on all our sites- Ice B’Gone Magic, this is the coldest working ice control product on the market and works to (-35) degrees and Blade Runners is the only contractor in NOVA to have this product and this is the only ice control certified by the EPA! As it works it lowers the freezing temperature of water so you actually use less product when applied and have less refreezing and less repeat applications so that is better for all aspects for the property and the environment as you are using less and fewer applications on the site. It can even melt up to 2″ of snow as it falls, and keeps it from bonding and freezing to the service, making the clearing operation more effective.
We use this on the walks and the roadways and pre and post treatments – https://www.blade-runners.com/ice-bgone-magic-information/

T– /A–

From my entering and exiting the community yesterday and today, it looks like Blade runners staff did an outstanding job of cutting the grass and removing the leaves.

Please pass that on

Best Regards,

POA Management Associates, LLC

While I’m thinking about it, J– B–, Grounds Committee Chair for TOMCA, was singing Blade Runners’ praises at last night’s annual meeting. Per J–, the grounds look much better since the switch to Blade Runners. She noted that the crews do a good job weeding and edging, that she’s noticed a decrease in the number of weeds in the grassy areas, and that the aeration/seeding appear to be working. She also said that Blade Runners is very responsible if they’re made aware of an issue.


Best Regards,

POA Management Associates, LLC

Thank you Shannon. We don’t meet as a group until January, so thats when we’d decide on adding any other expenses to the contract. 

I’ll forward this to our other board members so I can sign the contract this week and get it back to you. 
The property looks great. Just about all the residents have said something about how much they like the way things look now. 
Thanks, EdD
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