I had literally emailed _______  over the weekend to fulfill their contract and blow the leaves in the rear common area. They have been replying that the weather isn’t good (several times now).

So, this just reinforces we made the right decision by going with you.

Thanks, E

The entire Board wanted to pass along that with the recent work your team did at Rhodes Hill Square this week, the landscaping has never looked better.  Thank you!

Barry C – Board Member

Thank you so very much for keeping us informed…We have lived in POW community since its’ inception in 1972/73 and you have been the best..! 

Maury G – Board Member

Learn More about Snow Operations at – https://blade-runners.com/blog/2016/09/14/blade-runners-snow-improvement/

Learn more about our Ice B’Gone Magic (what set Blade Runners apart) – https://blade-runners.com/blog/2014/02/20/blade-runners-wonders-do-you-believe-in-magic-salt/

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