Some of you might be seeing white looking blades of grass on your property. This can be disconcerting and lead you to believe something was done incorrectly. This actually is a progressive approach to a real problem on the landscape. Have no fear: your preferred fescue will not turn white or be damaged.

Blade Runners Pylex treatment

The summer months bring some real challenges with Weed and unwanted Grass control.  The summer heat allows crabgrass to emerge as well as a number of other unwanted warm season grasses. In the past we had a limited ability to control crabgrass and other warm season varieties we aloud to thrive untreated.

                                                        Unwanted varieties

Different types of grass

There is new product that allows us to control all of these unwanted varieties. Many contractors will not take this approach as it is expensive, and they are fearful the client will be upset with the appearance. Blade Runners is not afraid as we know it has tremendous benefit to our client’s property.

Please follow the link below to more information about the problem grasses.


Certification of Tot Lot chips can be a moving target. The actual requirements can vary time to time and state to state. With that said the widely used and accepted standard is ASTM F2075. Blade Runners always uses chips that meet this standard.

 Blade Runners chipped tot lot and certification medalion

See below the details surrounding this standard.

Composition:Playground Tot Lot Chips are manufactured from recently collected North American   Hardwood materials such as Oak, Maple, Hickory, Ash, Birch, Poplar, Beech, and Locust. There are no additives or chemical treatments present in the materials. The entire wood product is free of soil and other contaminants that promote faster decomposition.

 Dimensions: Playground Tot Lot chips are random in size, approximately 5-10 times longer

than they are wide. Playground Tot Lot Chips meet the particle size requirements of ASTM 2075.

Media Analysis Report: % of material passing through sieve.

Particle Size                             Passing                                         

   3/4/ inch                               100.0               

   3/8 inch                                 89.8                              

Properties: Playground Tot Lot Chips meet the guidelines for

  • Heavy Metal, ASTM F 2075
  • Tramp Metal, ASTM F 2075
  • Impact Attenuation, ASTM F 1292
  • Moisture Content
  • Moisture Absorption
  • Accessibility, ASTM F 1951
  • Coefficient of Permeability, ASTM D 2434
  • Resistant to Flammability, 16 FR Part 1630 Standard for Surface Flammability for Carpets or Rugs

Always thinking of your property and the environment! Blade Runners introduces a New Fleet of Lawn Mowers that is LIGHTER, HAS LESS ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT and PROVIDES A HIGHER QUALITY CUT for your lawn maintenance needs!.

                                               Our old Fleet
Blade Runners Old fleet of large mowers
Consisted of 60” riding mowers complimented with a 36” walk behind. We found that while fast the larger mowers were causing damage. In addition, the mower team from weighed 1,600.00 lbs. That was a good deal of iron being transported from site to site
                                                    Our new Fleet
Blade Runners New fleet if smaller mowers
Consists of a 48” mower teams with a 30” walk behind. This combination only weighs 725lbs!

After careful review of our client sites we realized that the larger combination was overkill. Less is definitely better for so many reasons. We feel many properties owners and managers should require the smaller mowers on their property. It spells less damage and a lower environmental foot print.

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