Your team has done an outstanding job cleaning up all the snow this year!! They have also done a great job cleaning up the sidewalks.  I know it must be pretty hard juggling all the areas you have to clear up.  Take care and thanks again.  Cheers.

James C. Brett, President

Providence Park HOA


Hi Eric.
Just wanted to let you know Blade Runners has done a great job with the snow removal in Hillcrest Cluster this winter. We are receiving feedback from residents saying thank you, and I wanted to let you know we have been very pleased with our service.

Thanks so much from your friendly neighborhood Hillcrest Cluster Board

Eric and Mike,

I told your crew yesterday that working here, that I was going to call
you, but decided an email to both of you would be better.
I thanked them for the good job they are doing here and wanted you also
to know that we appreciate their efficiency and conscientiousness. They
are doing a very good job.
They certainly are good employees for your firm.

Jack Arnold
1st Choice Park, 8300 Arlington Blvd.

Are commercial contractors the same? Do they all operate with the same level of safety and quality?

At Blade Runners we do not think so!

 The photos below might seem humorous but really are not funny.  This irresponsibity can create damage on your site and expose your property to unneeded liability.


What are looking at

Maybe I should be using a push mower with a bagging attachment here

Big Mowers are fronts save time. But they cause damage to turf, plants and light posts.
Ummm, Look at this track damage
Gas in water bottle in back pocket- Whats with the bandana

Tree badness1 REDONE

tree badness 2 redoneBlade Runners Knows How To Get the Job Done…Safely and Correctly!

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