I just wanted to praise the efforts of Rosa, who answered my inquiry regarding weed control spraying occurring in my HOA community of Beauregard Manor. I have young children and pets, so I called the number on the sign placed in our community notifying us of the application and left a couple detailed messages with our account manager. Since it was a Friday, I was concerned when I did not receive a call back after leaving a morning and afternoon messages with our account person, Raoul Chavez. So, I called the main line. Rosa was apologetic and fantastic- even tracking down the person who knew more information on the application used. I just want to be sure and let you know when one of your employees does right. Thank you to Rosa! I tried to mention this to Raoul, but for some reason, our phone call connection ended abruptly. Thank you!

Water and Soil Erosion in your Neighborhood

As a child running, jumping and sliding down through puddles and mud left in the backyard after a downpour was as much fun as the slip-n-slide in the heat of summer.  As an adult, the mud-induced slip-n-slide is not so fun and difficult to negotiate while taking out the trash or walking the dog.

Didn’t there used to be grass there?

As an adult, we’ve seen the mud in our community start to resemble a Slip-N-Slide.  While taking out the trash and walking the dog, this can be hard to traverse.  As the neighborhood become

mud slide 1more muddy after each thunder storm, more tree roots are exposed and the turf is slipping away.  Water erosion has started.  This erosion is usually most noticeable during short-duration, high-intensity storms.

Is there anything we can do?

house clearance birmingham can help you with the collection of the waste, they make the process straightforward and hassle-free..  Although this process is “natural” it is not beneficial to our living environments.

Overtime water erosion can damage structures, pollute drinking water and cause accidents.  To prevent this contact us now at the lawn by Maple Land Works.

Solving the Problem

Developing the use of subterranean and surface drainage systems coordinated with select tree removal and canopy thinning, as well as establishing woodchip buffer areas with native plants, Blade-Runners increases the valuegreenary 1 of your property by creating a park-like atmosphere at a one time forgotten or unused or neglected part of the property and resolves your water erosion issues the right way.  Blade-Runners has solved water and soil erosion problems in communities such as Hunters Green Cluster, Bentana Park Condominiums, Oak Spring Cluster in Reston and others in Fairfax and surrounding Counties.  Blade-Runners carefully considers all requirements and recommendations of the community and area before designing recommendations and practices.  By doing this Blade-Runners can ensure their approach to erosion and drainage issues really work.  Contact us today so we can help your community.

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