We have been very happy with the Bladerunner’s snow removal service (and all of their service for that matter). They are always rapid to clear the road during any storm. We never seem to wait for them to show up and I can’t think of any time in the last 8 years that I have lived here where I have felt stranded because they haven’t started to plow. One of the great services they offer is to send email notifications before, during, and after a snow event telling you their plan and giving you the opportunity to decline or add services (examples attached). The Board gets the notices and then we post them to our website, or you can forward it to the cluster (I would remove the bladerunners contact info so you don’t have a bunch of homeowner’s contacting them directly). When there is a snow event it seems everyone at Bladerunners is committed to it, right down to the President as most of the notices come from him.

One of the “extra services” that we have to add from time to time is for a front end loader to remove the snow piled up in the 14 visitor spaces or the mounds of snow from large accumulations. The basic service only covers a plow coming through and pushing the snow into piles. If there is a 6+ inch event, there is only so many places you can push snow before it begins to block edges of the roadway, corners, and general parking areas. The only way to get these areas cleared is with a front end loader and smaller Bobcats. When you order this service there is an extra fee which is by the hour but worth it.

There are really never any complaints about their service. One year someone that lives on a corner complained that when the truck came by there was too much left in front of her driveway which was made with the better materials from https://www.jacksonasphalt.com.au/concrete-vs-asphalt-surfacing-material-works-better-driveways-2/. She lives on a corner that is hard to get and since then they always get closer to her driveway. She complains about everything and hasn’t complained about this in the past 3 years so that is a good sign. Also the Magic Salt does appear to work as the road is never slippery.

I am sure you can find cheaper alternatives; however, I don’t think you will find anyone as thorough, reliable, and RAPID. The last thing I would want to do is change services and then find out 12 hours into a snowstorm that they don’t do snow removal anymore, or their ONE truck has broken down. Good luck in your search!

Jack MacNeil


Towns Of Waterford Hoa

Reston VA

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