Dear Mike and Eric

I wanted to let you know that at the board meeting Thursday night, a few of the directors said that they and other residents had noticed what a great job the crew did recently on a couple of services. 

1)     They wanted to compliment the shrub shearing, especially the meticulous clean-up.  I even saw no traces of missed clippings as I walked to work on Friday. 

2)      Second, they complimented the look of the leaf mulch.  It stays in place better and is thinner for less build up.  We would like to go with that at each mulching if possible.

3)      They mentioned the general appearance of the neighborhood as excellent.  We had some die-hard believers in our previous service, but even they are saying they are very pleased with the overall appearance of the grounds. 

Thanks so much for making us look good! 

Shelley Vance

President ,Cambridge Station

I wanted to thank you for your service.  So far, the landscape looks wonderful and the guys are very fast at responding to my calls and emails.  Sometimes it’s scary how fast they respond!  I will call them, and literally 10 minutes their in my office assisting me.  I do hope the guys keep up the hard-work.
Happy Memorial Day!
Ingrid Ketterman
Community Manager
Capitol Property Management
(Phone) 703-713-6111
(Fax) 703-713-6164
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