Eric, Carlos and Blade Runners employees,
Your team did a beautiful landscaping job at our home a few weeks ago.  Leveling off our side yard with top quality soil, moving our side roof drains underground and the additional work at our home has improved drainage and made our property look much better.  Carlos and his crew were very tidy and worked hard to accomplish in one day what would have taken me a month of Saturdays working dawn to dusk.  Well done Blade Runners!.  You have served us well on this project and also several others times over the years.
David and Allison Shelby
Vienna, Virginia

Shelly, my back yard was mowed yesterday and they did a fantastic job, particularly since it was so tall!  And the mower blade was sharp so it was a clean cut.  Thank you for coordinating, and please pass along thanks to the “guys” for a job well done.  Have a wonderful week-end, GPagin, Edgemoore, Darnley Place.

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