Corporate Officers

Eric Storck - President

Eric StorckEric has transformed Blade Runners from a one-person business into a professional, full service commercial grounds maintenance and landscape company. Besides continuing his education in horticultural studies, Eric holds an associates degree in accounting, making number crunching a joy. Over the years, Eric has taken a creative interest in mastering company policies and procedures, creating bilingual training manuals and forming creative marketing schemes and employee incentive programs. Overall Eric enjoys creating a fun, family-based working environment and developing long-lasting relationships with his clients and employees. Besides work Eric enjoys softball, tennis, skiing, traveling and is an avid thespian. Eric is the proud papa to Wendy, Spencer and Riley.

Mike Dollard - Vice President

Mike DollardMike began working for future partner Eric in 1984 and soon joined as a partner in Blade Runners in 1988. Mike is a graduate from William and Mary and holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry. Putting his degree to use, Mike was the pioneer in establishing Blade Runner’s integrated pest management program. Continuing his studies, Mike became a certified arborist and is member of the International Society of Arborculture and ALCA. Mike and Eric work hard together to make Blade Runners a leading Landscape Contractor. Outside of work, Mike loves adventure and has his private pilots license and is a dedicated hockey player. Mike is the proud father to daughter Stephanie.


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What Our Customers Say...

Courteous and responsive...

"Blade Runners has always been courteous and responsive in emergency situations. Following some severe storms we had a number of trees down. Blade Runners was able to quickly dispatch crews to remove damaged trees and restore the grounds."

"In working with a number of Associations, it is important to be able to contact someone immediately with a request or a question. Grounds Maintenance and Landscapers that you are unable to contact and those that you must leave repeated messages to return your call can become detrimental to having a smooth running community, Blade Runners is quick to respond, courteous and knowledgeable."

Kathy E. Gately Association Manager Capital Management, Inc.

Customer service and satisfaction...

"The staff at Blade Runners has outstanding knowledge of the landscape business -- your lawn, your shrubs, your trees, and much, much more. Plus, customer service and satisfaction are always a top priority with them. Blade Runners, you're the best!"

Kelly Hardy
Landscape Committee Chair
Williamsburg Pond Home Owners Association